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ComputingHow to install Steam on a Chromebook explained

How to install Steam on a Chromebook explained

What is Steam

Steam is one of the most popular platforms for gaming. The best videogames and a lot of interesting projects are kept there.

Steam is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Though, it’s not so easy for Chromebook. It is possible, of course, to install Steam on your Chromebook, but you’ll need to do some actions for that.

Before installing Steam, you should know that, although it works on a Chromebook, it isn’t a simple process, as there is no native Steam app on the Chrome operating system. In addition to this, not all devices are able to handle the load of this app.

Before installing, you should also know that some methods require more complicated actions as the usage of computer commands or installing a new operating system on your device.

Is it possible to let Steam work with a Chromebook

If you are running normal computing tasks on your Chromebook, then the specs modest will be kept while delivering outstanding performance. If you are seeking a lower price range, you will not be able to run powerful games on a Chromebook.

If you want to use a Chromebook to do some intensive actions, it means that you need to get a powerful Chromebook at first. For instance, some devices already come with powerful processors. To download Steam you should also search for some information about your device as the ability to install Linux or Android apps from the Google Play Store.

How to install Steam on your Chromebook

There are two methods shown in this article.

If you want to run Steam using the Steam Link Android app, you should know the information below.

Any mobile device may be provided with a perfect and powerful gaming experience by the Steam Link app, but, in this case, you should connect your Chromebook to a PC on the same network. To make it easier, it seems like streaming games from your PC to your Chromebook. There are some restrictions on this method, but it’s still good. You won’t be able to play everywhere you want due to the fact that you may have some problems with connecting your PC to the network.

So, to try this method you should do the following steps:

  • First, you should go to the Google Play Store.
  • Then, download “Steam Link”.
  • Make sure that you use the same Steam account and your Chromebook is connected to the same network as the host computer.
  • Then, you should open the app and sign in to your account.
  • In the end, connect your PC and start playing.

If you want to install Steam using the Linux app, you should do the following steps:

First of all, you should enable Linux apps on your Chromebook by doing this:

  • Open the “System Tray”.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Choose “Advanced” in order to see more options.
  • Search for the Linux development environment section.
  • Tap on “Turn on” and click “Install”.

After that you should install the Steam Linux app on your Chromebook:

  • Press “Shift+Ctrl+T” and open the Linux terminal window.
  • Enter the “echo’deb http;//httpredir.debian.org/debian/jessie main contrib non-free’ | sudo tee-a / etc” command.
  • Then, type the command “sudo dpkg-add-architecture i386”.
  • Type in “sudo apt update”.
  • Enter “sudo apt install steam”.
  • Let the process of installation to be finished.

That’s how to install Steam on your Chromebook.



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