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How to turn off the dark theme in Google Search

Today I’ve got a notification in Google Search, telling me that “Dark Theme is now available” – with the suggestion to try it. Of course, I clicked on the blue button suggesting I try and my Google Search became dark.

This feature can be really cool if you’re using Google Search without surrounding light around you, for example, when you’re sitting in a dark room. However, for me, it seems to be very unusual, so I decided to change the theme back to light. But it wasn’t so easy, as there’s no explanation for how to do this.

Actually, everything is very simple, so here’s how you can disable dark theme in Google Search.

How to disable dark theme in Google Search

Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to Google.com website
  • In the very bottom-left menu find Settings
  • Left-click on settings and choose Dark Theme to be off.

Should you use Google Search Dark Theme?

That depends on you. Some users find it convenient, while others think that it isn’t of their choice. The one thing I can suggest you keep in mind is that almost all pages on the web are light, so it may be bad for your eyes when you press the link in Google Search and get a new website in light colors.

However, this feature may be interesting and useful, so everyone should make their own decision. As I said, I don’t like it, so I prefer to keep it turned off.



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