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StreamingHBO MaxHow to get HBO Max to your LG TV explained

How to get HBO Max to your LG TV explained

Today, even the major TV channels are slowly moving to streaming. It’s much more convenient and is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Almost all young people today prefer streaming to television. One such channel that has launched its own successful streaming service is HBO with its HBO Max service.

HBO Max is available on almost all devices. You can watch it on your phone, tablet, laptop or most set-top boxes. The app is also available for download on many smart TVs. But what if you have an LG Smart TV, is HBO Max available on it?

Is HBO Max available on LG Smart TV

For a very long time, the app wasn’t officially supported on LG Smart TVs. But not too long ago, HBO Max became available on LG Smart TVs. The app is available on these models: LG OLED TV, LG QNED Mini LED TV, and LG NanoCell TV 2018-2021 model years with webOS 4.0 and above. If you have such a TV, you can access the service simply by pressing a button on the remote or by saying the phrase “HBO Max” if you have LG Magic Remote.

Of course, after that, you will need to pay for a subscription to the service. An ad-free subscription costs $14.99 per month and $9.99 per month for the ad-supported service.

How to watch HBO Max on older TVs

If you have an older model LG TV, there are a few tricks that will allow you to watch your favorite movies on your TV. Such as :

How to watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV using your laptop

If you have a laptop or computer that is near your TV, you can simply run HBO Max there and then hook it up to your TV. You’ll need an HDMI connector on your laptop or computer to do this. It’s very easy to do, you just need to :

  • Find an HDMI port on your laptop and plug one end of the cable into it.
  • Then just find the same input on your TV. Insert the other end there. It must have a port number written next to it. You need to remember this
  • Next you just need to take your remote and switch your Smart TV to the right HDMI port

The picture from your notebook should automatically be transmitted to your TV.

How to watch HBO Max with YouTube TV

This is another way to watch content from the HBO Max service. You can subscribe to it using YouTube TV. This is a streaming service that streams local network and cable TV channels. But it’s worth noting that this way you can only watch HBO Max branded content, which is available on the standard HBO channel. The content that isn’t available there will also be unavailable through the interface of YouTube TV.

How to watch HBO Max using set-top boxes

In addition to Smart TV and laptops, HBO Max is also available on devices for streaming. Usually, they are quite cheap and available to everyone. There are some great devices that cost less than $50:

  • Roku Express 4K+
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus+
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Amazon Fire Stick Lite

Just connect them to the HDMI on your TV and they can stream any content from your HBO Max subscription and more. These devices have a wide range of features and you can use them to watch other services as well.



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