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How to change video quality on HBO Max

If the streaming video is of poor quality, this article will be useful for you.

HBO Max announced a price increase

HBO Max is going to raise subscription prices as early as next month.

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How to cast HBO Max from your iPhone to Samsung TV

Want to cast HBO Max from your iPhone to Samsung TV? Here's how you can do this.

Now you can subscribe to HBO Max for a year at 40% off

What terms and conditions does HBO Max offer for a monthly subscription?

How to get to HBO Max from Hulu

Streaming services are already coming to the forefront of streaming various content almost all over the world. Television is becoming a thing of the...

How to get HBO Max on Fire TV or Fire device

Users have waited long enough for the moment when they could tell Alex to open HBO Max. Eventually, six months after the launch of...

How to get HBO Max to your LG TV explained

Today, even the major TV channels are slowly moving to streaming. It's much more convenient and is becoming more and more popular with consumers....

How many devices you can watch HBO Max at the same time

HBO Max is one of the major streaming services you can use right now. Alongside a wide range of HBO originals, such as...

How to add HBO Max to your Roku – is HBO Max on Roku?

Previously, HBO had two separate services - HBO Now and HBO Go, but now they're unified under HBO Max. So now you can use...