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AndroidHow to fix Android device when you forgot password

How to fix Android device when you forgot password

Modern Android mobile devices store a huge amount of information necessary for the user. In addition, it is the standard way of remote communication, so the smartphone is of utmost importance to the person. But there are situations in which the user loses access to the device. A counter-question arises: how to unlock the Android phone, if you forget the password, and whether it is possible to do so without harming internal data.

Do not panic if you have forgotten the password to your Android device – this probably happens to many users. Usually, various bugs or malfunctions in Android developers think ahead and try to make it so that the situation can be easily corrected.

How to unlock your Android phone if you forgot your password

There is no shame in forgetting your smartphone lock password. Especially if it is not a number combination, but a complex combination of different symbols or, a tricky graphic key. Because people have almost stopped using them, preferring biometrics, the brain has simply supplanted these memories as irrelevant. And why keep in your memory something you almost don’t need? But the keyword here is almost. Because from time to time smartphones still refuse to unlock by fingerprint or face and require manual entry of a set code.

Now let’s proceed directly to practice – what to do if you need to use your smartphone urgently, and the screen shows the annoying inscription “Unlock this device” or “This phone is locked”?

First of all, stop panicking and remove the memory card for safety through a special slot, if it is present there. Next, make sure that the smartphone has access to the Internet: via a Wi-Fi network or mobile tariff (the first option is preferable). Finally, prepare yourself and begin to carefully and carefully follow the instructions below.

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How to unlock your phone by bypassing protection with your Google account

Some devices on Android 4.4 and older OS versions allow you to unlock the screen lock using your Google Account. As long as the device is connected to the Internet.

To check if your smartphone supports this method, enter any password, PIN, or Pattern Lock five times. After five incorrect unlock attempts, you should see “Forgot your password?” or a similar prompt. Tap it and enter the username and password of the Google account with which your device is synchronized.

That’s it, the user instantly gets access to their mobile device. But there is a huge drawback to modern phones. Versions of the operating system above Android 5 do not have this feature. If you own a smartphone released in the last two years, skip this method. On Android 7 and Android 8 you will have to look for an alternative.

After you successfully sign in, your screen will unlock. If you’ve forgotten your Google Account password, too, try restoring access to it using the company’s special service.

Is using the Smart Lock function worth a try

Smart Lock automatically removes the screen lock when a certain requirement is fulfilled. For example, if the device is in your home or if another of your devices connects to it via Bluetooth.

You can only use this feature if you have activated it beforehand and selected a locking condition. In that case, just do it. For example, if you specified automatic unlock when connecting a trusted Bluetooth device, activate the wireless module on both gadgets. When the connection happens, you will get access to the phone without entering a PIN, password, or key.

If Smart Lock has not been set up beforehand or if you can’t meet a given condition, this method is not suitable.

What about using the service from the smartphone manufacturer

Some brands offer owners of their devices additional unlocking tools. For example, Samsung has a service called Find My Mobile, which can be used to remove the Pattern, PINs, passwords, and even fingerprints. To do this, your device must be connected to the Internet, and a Samsung account and support the service.

To find out if this feature is available for your model, look for this information in the manual or on the manufacturer’s official website.

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How to unlock Android phone by removing the password via your Google account on your computer

There is a remote reset and delete all content that will erase all data, including your lock password. Later you can set a new access password and synchronize your data through your Google account.

This will only work if the smartphone is turned on and has a Google account and Play Store set up. In addition, the gadget itself must be connected to the Internet, and the “Location” and “Find my device” functions must be active.

If these requirements are fulfilled, proceed as follows:

  • Follow this link and log in to your Google Account.
  • If you have several Android gadgets, select the one you want from the list on the left.
  • Click on “Erase device“, and then click the same name button again.

To continue using your smartphone after resetting the lock code, you will need to enter your Google account password.

If none of the above helped, there is another option. You simply need to reset it to factory settings. In this case, all the data that was stored in memory will be deleted, but along with them will be deleted and the password, which you have not safely forgotten and which blocks your access to your device.

In general, there are many more third-party programs that help reset the password or delete it from the smartphone, but you have to be careful with them and if you are afraid of losing data and the serviceability of the device – it is better to contact support.



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