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ServicesHow to require ride with multiple stops on Uber

How to require ride with multiple stops on Uber

There are many reasons why cab passengers may need an extra stop en route to their destination. Uber offers its customers the opportunity to optimize such trips and order in advance for several addresses.

What do you need to require ride with multiple stops on Uber

Uber is mostly popular in big cities, where people mostly go to work or go out with friends in the evenings to restaurants, and clubs. So it’s not surprising that if it’s work issues, you need to stop by different places on your way to work or on your way home from a party to pick up your friends. There’s no problem, Uber allows you to make two stops, and what’s more, it’s possible to do it even during the trip!

The function of adding stops along the way appeared in the Uber mobile app in August 2017. Thanks to the opportunity provided by the service, the client when ordering a car can immediately add several addresses to Uber.

This option is useful for both the driver and the passenger. The cab driver will be warned in advance about the peculiarities of the trip, and the Uber app will help him most effectively build a route taking into account the wishes of the client. And the passenger, who marked the second address on the route in advance, will be able to calculate the preliminary cost of the trip more accurately.

In this article, you will figure out how to add more stops in the Uber app on your phone before and during your Uber ride.

Why would you need multiple stops on an Uber

There are times when you order a cab not only for yourself but also for your friends or relatives who need to be dropped off on the way. Alternatively, for example, you’re leaving your office for a business meeting and you’ll need to stop by one more address on the way to pick up documents.

There are many options for which you may need to stop along the way. If you’re going to call an Uber cab and know in advance that you will need to stop at additional locations along the way, use the multi-address ordering feature.

According to the company, from 3 to 10% of trips on the Uber platform are made with multiple stops. The ability to select multiple addresses in the app makes the ordering process more convenient for both the user and the driver. After all, it’s possible to specify several stops in the app, learn a preliminary price and calculate travel time, and the driver can better plan the route of the trip.

How to add a stop in Uber via the iPhone app

When you go to work and you urgently need to pick up something from a certain place or take your children to school – Uber has taken care of these little things. Uber’s “Add a Stop” feature is handy for numerous situations.

You can safely add stops before or during the booking of a trip. However, keep in mind that each new stop is an additional charge. And with each additional minute, during stops, the price increases accordingly.

It’s quite simple to add, remove, or change the new stops, even when you’re halfway to your destination. So to add a stop to your Uber ride on the iPhone app, follow this guide below:

  • Open the Uber app on your iPhone
  • Tap on the Where to? field at the top of your screen and type in your destination
  • Choose the type of vehicle you want for your Uber ride
  • Go to the Request option
  • Confirm the pickup location

You can add a stop, once your Uber driver accepts your request. This is what you need to do next:

  • Go back to the Uber map
  • Next to the Where to? field, tap on the + button
  • Proceed to the Add a Stop box and type in the new stop
  • Tap on Done
  • Select the Confirm button at the bottom of your screen

To add another stop, simply repeat the process.

It’s worth noting that there’s absolutely no need to inform your driver about the new changes, because you have already added a stop in the app, and the program will accordingly transmit the information to the driver in his app.

What’s a flaw is the inability to change the order of stops. So be careful before prioritizing your stops.

How to add a stop in Uber via the Android app

Adding a stop to your Uber ride on your Android is equally simple. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open your Uber app
  • Go to the Where to? box at the top of your screen
  • Enter your destination in the field
  • Select the vehicle type for your Uber ride
  • Tap on the Confirm button
  • Confirm your pickup location
  • Go to the + button next to the Where to? box
  • Type in your new destination
  • Select Done
  • Choose Confirm at the bottom of your screen

How to add multiple stops in Uber Pre-Ride

You have the ability to set up three stops before your trip. Each stop will be added to the total cost of the trip. In case you ride with other people, you can use Uber’s Split Pay feature so you and your friends can easily share the cost of the ride. However, keep in mind that you can only pay separately for the entire ride, not for each stop.

In case you have decided to add multiple destinations before your Uber ride, you need to enter your first destination and add other stops after that. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Launch the Uber app on your phone or tablet
  • Enter your first destination in the Where to? box at the top of your screen
  • Choose the type of vehicle for your Uber ride
  • Request the ride and wait for your Uber driver to confirm it
  • Go back to the Where to? box to add a new destination
  • Tap on the + button next to the Where to? box. You’ll see that you have only two more boxes to enter multiple stops
  • Enter one or two additional stops in the boxes
  • Select Done
  • Confirm your new stops

You also are able to add, change or completely remove stops during the ride next to the Where to? box with your initial stop. Now you’re aware of how to add, change or remove stops before and during a ride. Enjoy your ride and don’t forget about seat belts!



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