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AndroidHow to fix Android Auto not working

How to fix Android Auto not working

Android Auto is an app that allows your smartphone to work with your car as if they were one system. When it works, it’s a great way to get your music, GPS, and communication apps working on the same system.

When it doesn’t work or constantly fails, it can feel like you’re struggling with your car. Here you’ll find common fixes you can try if Android Auto isn’t working.

There are various problems with Android that probably occur to everyone when using devices for a certain period of time. But what to do when your application is paired with other devices or even an in-car system? Try these Android Auto troubleshooting steps to fix this feature.

Is there an option to fix Android Auto issue

Android Auto is supported by a small list of new car models, but it is growing. Thanks to regular updates, motorists are able to use navigation, take calls, text, make voice notes, and tweet. “Android Auto works much better than the factory-supplied systems

This application works only if there is constant access to the Internet, so the car is connected to the multimedia car by a phone with unlimited Internet, otherwise, it will have to pay huge bills for the mobile connection. Google’s security system requires the driver to stop the car and turn off the engine, otherwise, the connection is impossible.

Google’s one of the best auto apps is a great way to use your device in the car but is useless if it stops working properly. If you can’t connect to Android Auto at all or it suddenly stops working, this article will help you get your apps back working.

These Android Auto troubleshooting tips will help you fix the feature when it’s not working properly, whether you’re using the app on your phone screen or on your car’s display.

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Here are some tips on how to make Android Auto work again.

Reboot the Phone

When Android Auto crashes, users, hope it’s just a temporary glitch with the app on their phone. Thus, you should always perform a quick restart of your device when Android Auto crashes.

On most devices, you can do this by holding down the power button until the menu appears. Select “Restart” if available, or press “Turn off” and then turn your phone back on after a minute or two. After that, try Android Auto again and see if it works correctly.

Update your phone AND the Android Auto app

If Android Auto used to work but stopped working properly, you may need to install some updates to get it back to normal. Go to Settings>System>Advanced>System Update to check for Android updates and install any available ones. Note that the names of these menus may vary depending on your phone.

After that, open the Play Store. Pull out the left menu and select My apps and games to show all the apps you’ve installed that have updates available. If you see Android Auto listed, click “Update” to install it. While you’re here, you should also update other major system apps, such as Google Services and Google Play. This may fix issues such as Android Auto voice commands not working.

Make sure your vehicle supports Android Auto

If you want to use Android Auto on your vehicle’s display, you must have a compatible car (or optional head unit). Even if your vehicle has a USB port, it may not support Android Auto.

Check the list of cars supported by Android Auto and find your car. Typically, this feature only appears on cars from 2016 to 2017 and newer. To be completely sure, your car’s manual should mention Android Auto if it is supported.

If your car doesn’t support Android Auto, you can purchase a stereo that uses it.

Clear Cache and Storage for the Android Auto App

At this point, if Android Auto is still not working, it is best to clear the trash, cache, and all saved data in the Android Auto app and start over. You should do this while disconnected from the car.

To do this, go to Settings> Apps and Notifications> View All Apps X> Android Auto> Storage and Cache. Here, first, select Clear Cache, and then try using Android Auto again.

If that doesn’t work, go back to the menu and click “Clear Storage“. This deletes all data for the app, so it’s like installing it from scratch. You may have to adjust the Android Auto settings again after that.

Check the Linked Vehicle Settings

Android Auto allows you to connect your phone to multiple vehicles. If you’re having trouble connecting to a new car, you can visit these options to fix it.

To go to the Android Auto vehicle settings, open the Android Auto app, then pull out the left menu and select “Settings“. On this screen, tap Previously Connected Cars.

This will show you a list of cars that you’ve approved or declined to use with Android Auto. If you see your car under the heading “Rejected Cars“, you may have done so by accident. Remove the car from the blocked list and try pairing again.

If none of the above worked, click the menu button with the three dots in the upper right corner and click “Forget all cars“. This will delete all the cars you previously synced, so you can start all over again and hopefully resolve whatever is stuck.

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At this point, you should check for problems with your car’s head unit. Make sure you start the Android Auto app from the main menu – its location depends on the car. In most cases, the app will not start automatically, which makes you think something is wrong.

If there is a way to restart the infotainment system, try that. If that’s not an option, just turn the car off for a few minutes, then start it up again and try again.

Finally, if you have an aftermarket receiver, check the manufacturer’s website to see if there is a software update available. Apply any available updates, then try the connection again.

Android Auto is useless when it’s not working, and you should start troubleshooting the app with these tips. Most likely, you either need to replace the USB cable or there is a problem with the app on your device.



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