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GuidesHow to post a live photo on Instagram

How to post a live photo on Instagram

Many people like to take pictures, and it has become especially popular. When there are thousands of opportunities to do this with a phone, a device that is ideal for such purposes (if we do not talk about professional photography) – it is portable, easy to hold in your hand, and the pictures themselves can be immediately sent to friends, etc.

However, recently the simple photo isn’t enough and the world has presented the opportunity to make not simple and stable photos, but live photos!

Such photos turn an ordinary picture into a moving picture and give it liveliness. After this feature came out, many social networks like Twitter and Facebook decided to support it. Instagram, as one of the photo-focused social networks, also decided to keep up.

It’s true that Instagram was a little slow in making such a decision, but still, it’s pretty easy to take a live picture and upload it to your profile now. Although, in this article, you will find how to do it simply and without wasting time.

How to take live photos first

Before you share your live photo with your friends through Instagram, you might want to familiarize yourself with the process of taking a live photo. This will help you dilute your gallery and photography experience.

The live photos themselves capture both movement and sound. Your iPhone records what happens within 1.5 seconds before and after you click the shutter button. Basically, you are able to take a live photo in the same way as you do a normal photo.

Follow this guide to take a live photo:

  • Launch your iPhone camera app
  • Turn on the Live Photos setting by tapping the bullseye icon at the top of the screen. After you enable it should turn yellow
  • Adjust your camera frame as you prefer and hold the device still
  • Then press the shutter once, keeping your phone steady on the subject for at least 1.5 seconds

The process is very similar to video, but it takes a short time. All you have to do is hold the camera for exactly 1.5 seconds, focus on the subject and wait for the photo to be processed. Don’t forget that live photos record not only the visual part but also the audio. So be aware of background noise.

When you use the live photo function, both front and rear cameras are available to you. It is stated that the main camera is 12 megapixels and the Live Photo is 1.5 seconds long, so in case you take too many shots, it will soon make you run out of space. A single Live Photo is comprised of a 3-4MB .mov file and a 2-5MB JPEG, so they will quickly use up the storage on your phone.

If you have a lot of storage space or are using iCloud, then you have nothing to worry about clogging memory and you are able to leave live photos enabled by default. If it’s the other way around, only enable it when you’re going to use it.

Also, at any time you can view your personal photos among other, personal photos in the Photo app. The only thing that will visually distinguish the live photos from the solo photos in the gallery is the bullseye icon next to the photo itself.

And when you want to go from preview mode to animation mode. just press and hold the photo as it starts animating. What’s cool is that the same functions are available for editing a live photo as for a normal photo.

There are also additional features like if you swipe up on the photo, you’ll get options to play the photo as an animated Loop, Bounce (a.k.a. Boomerang), or Long Exposure.

How to post live photos on Instagram

The format of the photo itself is more like a short video, so you can’t upload a live photo to Instagram as a photo, because the social network recognizes it as a video and you will only be able to view it as a video. But there is an option to do it the way you want – that is to convert your live photo to Boomerang.

The only disadvantage of this conversion is that the duration of the live photo will be reduced from a second and a half to one second. But it compensates for the excellent quality of animation and attractiveness in your news feed. Here’s how to make your live photo via Boomerang:

  • Launch Instagram and select the camera
  • Create a new story by tapping the circular icon on the upper right-hand side and swipe up to select your Live Photo
  • Upload a Live Photo and press and hold on the screen. This uses 3D Touch to create the Boomerang
  • Post the Boomerang to your story and compose the rest of your post as you wish

And that is how you have done your live photos on Instagram eye-catching and creative.



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