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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to check Samsung TV’s Tizen OS version?

If you need to find the version of Tizen OS on your Samsung TV, you can do it, but it takes a lot of work. When you try to find this information online, you will be prompted to go to the menu and go through (menu→support→contact Samsung) or (menu→support→software update). If you do that, you won’t find the Tizen OS version. You’ll see the software version in the format T-VAL9DFUC-2013.0 or just a number, such as version 1027 installed, and a suggestion to upgrade to a new one, such as 1035. That’s not what you’re looking for; you want to find out which version of Tizen is installed on your TV – Tizen 6.0 or Tizen 7.0. There are three ways to do this. 

Ways to find the Tizen OS number in your Samsung TV

  • First, go to the service menu and find the OS number there.
  • The second way: through the built-in browser of the TV, go to the service that provides information about the device that sent the request.
  • The third way is to match the TV model number with the OS version. 

I will explain how to do this in more detail below. 

Tizen number, software version, OS update number

You should know that Samsung uses multiple software designations, and here’s the difference between them.

Tizen number in Tizen 7.0 format: This is the commercial designation of the TV’s operating system; for example, in 2023, all Samsung TVs with Tizen 7.0 OS. This name is easy to remember, and it is convenient for marketing. 

Software Version: This is the build number of the operating system, which can be found in the format T-VAL9DFUC-2013.0. Depending on the class, TVs use different operating systems. For example, Samsung OLED TVs have a display protection program in the operating system. Budget segment TVs have a minimum of programs, as they have little memory and weak processors; for such TVs, the OS is simplified; for example, they do not support HDR.

Update number: The OS version number has the digits 2013 (T-VAL9DFUC-2013.0); this is the update number. After the TV is sold, bugs are discovered in the process, they are finalized, and an update is released. These updates are minor and do not affect the operating system’s core. 

Tizen number search via TV service menu

Samsung TVs have a service, hidden, or engineering menu; it goes by different names. But it is the global TV settings menu. With its help, you can change the screen settings and turn the TV modules (WiFi or Bluetooth) on or off. This menu is intended for professionals only; you should be extremely careful when working on it. If you change critical settings incorrectly, the TV may fail. The operating system will not start, and the motherboard must be replaced. But it is possible to see the version of Tizen inside. To do so, take the universal remote control and, with the TV turned off, select one of the combinations depending on the region for which the TV is made.

  • Info → Menu → Mute → Power (Europe)
  • Mute →1 → 8 → 2 → Power
  • Display → P.STD → Mute → Power
  • Sleep → P.STD → Mute → Power
  • Display → Menu → Mute → Power
  • Mute → 1 → 1 → 9 (USA, Canada)

This will open a menu showing the OS number in Tizen 5.0 format; this is the information you want to find. This is the first service menu screen with the OS version information. If you don’t see the Tizen number, it sometimes happens in TVs released before 2015, where the OS version is not listed. Yes, and in post-2015 TVs, not all models have OS version information presented, understandably.

If you want information about the possibilities of the Samsung TV service menu, read the article “Samsung TV service menu – explanation, description, possibilities.”

Search for Tizen version via the built-in browser

Another way to search for a Tizen number is to use the TV’s built-in browser. You can send a request to the server to process it and return browser information. You can see what version of Tizen OS the browser is integrated with. But again, this method may not work; it depends on the Tizen firmware. In some cases, you will get a SmartTV response. Nevertheless, I think you should give it a try. Enter the address in the browser; or

You’ll get a response about your browser version, and if the TV sends software version information, you’ll know the Tizen version. Here’s a screenshot of a TV from 2013, when browsers only reported it as being used in smart TVs.

Searching for the Tizen version by TV model number

If you have trouble accessing the secret (engineering) menu or using a browser, you can use your TV’s model number information to find the Tizen version. Please note that the Tizen version is hardwired to the TV’s motherboard. It is impossible to upgrade from Tizen 6.0 to Tizen 6.5 or vice versa. This is due to the architecture of the TV; it has no BIOS, so the operating system is written to a memory chip installed on the board. The information in this chip cannot be changed. So, the OS version of Tizen is tied to the model number of the TV, and if you know the model number, you can find the Tizen version in the table.

Here is the correspondence table between the model number and the Tizen version. 

YearLineup (TV Model Name)Platform version OS
2023QN***C, LS0*C, QN**C, S90C, S95C, Q**C, CU****Tizen 7.0
2022QN***B, LS0*B, QN**B, S90B, S95B, Q**B, BU****Tizen 6.5
2021QN***A, LS0*A, QN**A, Q**A, AU****Tizen 6.0
2020QN***T, LS0*T, QN**T, Q**T, TU****Tizen 5.5
2019QN***R, LS0*R, QN**R, Q**R, RU****Tizen 5.0
2018QN*FN, NU***, LS0*NUTizen 4.0
2017Q7F, Q6F, MU***Tizen 3.0
2017NU7000, MU6100Tizen 2.4
2016KU***, KS***Tizen 2.4
2015JS***, JU***, J***Samsung Legacy Platform
2014HU***, H***Samsung Legacy Platform
2013F***, PF***Samsung Legacy Platform
2012E***, PE***Samsung Legacy Platform

If you need more information, visit the Samsung TV Operating System by Year page to find your TV model numbers and OS version. 

If you need to know how to find the TV model number and how to decode the Samsung TV model number, I recommend you to read the article Samsung TV model number 2002-2024 lookup, decode explained.



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