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GuidesWhere can i buy a remote control for my Samsung TV

Where can i buy a remote control for my Samsung TV

Remote control, a handy accessory for controlling your TV. In today’s TV remote control can be used not only to change channels, you can do voice search and more. The possible functionality of the remote depends on the model of TV.

If your remote is broken or was damaged by a pet, you need to buy a new remote, and here you may come across a huge supply of different remotes. And you should know what the differences might be. Replacing your Samsung TV remote versus the original Samsung TV remote

Pay attention to how the seller positions the original or replacement remote. There may be a big difference between these remotes.

Samsung TV remote control replacement means, explained

A replacement remote is a remote made by someone other than Samsung. Third-party firms, usually Chinese manufacturers, produce remotes that look similar to each other. Very often these remotes have less functionality than the original remotes. This is especially evident in the remotes Smart, such remotes must have a Bluetooth module, the TV must detect the type of remote and work with it. To do this is more difficult than to make a simplified remote, the cost of the original remote is about $70. Some manufacturers limit themselves to imitation appearance, but the remote itself performs only a minimal set of commands. Standard non-original remotes, because they use only infrared signals to control the TV, are usually identical to the original ones.

Original Samsung TV remote control

Original Samsung remotes are made to order by Samsung. These remotes are fully compatible with the TV. Remotes are made for Samsung by OEM manufacturers. Samsung orders remotes for its TVs from other companies.

What’s better to buy a remote for your Samsung TV original vs replacement

If you only use the remote to change channels, adjust volume, you can buy any remote. If you use a single remote or a Smart remote, it is better to buy the original one with voice control.

Where can I buy a remote for my Samsung TV?

Of course, the biggest market is Amazon, you can find almost any remote for your TV there. Pay attention to customer reviews, if the remote has any inconsistencies, you can find out from previous buyers. You can search for the remote control on the official Samsung website in the parts and accessories section.



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