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What’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Choosing a new smartphone is always quite difficult. There are really many different models on the market from many manufacturers. However, when it comes to the most advanced and powerful smartphones, the list is very narrow. For example, you should pay attention to phones Samsung Galaxy s21. There are several models in the line and many users do not quite understand what the difference between them is.

What is different about the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

A modern person needs a smartphone. People have become literally addicted to their gadgets. And it’s not just about different social networks and games that thousands of people play every day, it’s about the most basic things, such as setting the alarm, buying something on the Internet, calling loved ones or navigating to the right place. You can do all this simply with your smartphone.

No wonder the demand for these mobile devices is really great. Today there are hundreds of different manufacturers of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. If you’re interested in a quality smartphone, then you should definitely pay attention to Samsung and their Galaxy Series.

Not so long ago, the Galaxy S22 series smartphones were released, but their previous version, the Galaxy S21, is still relevant. These are expensive and high quality devices which will be able to perform all the necessary functions for you.

However, there are 3 stop models in the S21 line – Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which one will be better for you to choose? There are several factors that can influence your choice.

What are the main differences in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones

As described above, there are 3 main models in total in this series: the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. In addition to them still is martfon Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, but today we will not talk about it, this is a more budget model which is a bit simplified version of the S21.

Among their main differences can be distinguished their price, camera, battery, size and memory capacity. Otherwise, these smartphones are very similar to each other. Let’s analyze each point separately.

What are the differences in the camera

Most people choose their smartphones based on the quality of the camera and this is really the case, because the quality of the camera really affects a lot. Most users use the camera on a daily basis to take fun selfies or a really great shot. Either way, you will need a good camera to accomplish this.

And so actually the cameras in the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ models are identical. It’s 3 camera units, Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto. It has a resolution of 12 MP and is able to shoot video up to 8K and 24 fps, 4K at 60 fps, and Full HD at 120 fps. In addition, these cameras have video capture modes: Pro Video, Single Take AI and Director’s View. Also on board there is a front camera with 10MP resolution.

Regarding the telephoto lens, it has a 64 MP spread and is capable of 30X zoom, 3X optical zoom and 30X Super Resolution Zoom.

If we talk about Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra then there are four blocks of cameras: one Wide Angle camera with a resolution of 12MP, 108MP Wide Angle with Laser AF and two telephoto with 10MP each. In addition to the previous modes of shooting here is also available Hybrid mode with laser autofocus. The front camera has a resolution of 40MP

Also in the smartphone is available a 100X zoom at 10X optical zoom and goes up to 100x Super Resolution Zoom. This is truly an astounding result.

What are the differences in the Battery

If we talk about the battery, there are different numbers in all 3 smartphones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 has a battery capacity of 4000mAh the manufacturer claims to work up to 68 hours when listening to music.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ has a battery capacity of 4800mAh, the work time when playing music reaches 75 hours.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery and Samsung claims up to 81 hours of work.

What is the difference in screen sizes

Things are a little different for smartphones regarding screen size. First of all, it should be clarified that the protection of the body on all devices is IP68, and the screen refresh rate reaches 120Hz.

  • The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is 6.2″.
  • The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ is 6.7″.
  • The screen size in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 6.8″. In addition S21 Ultra has a screen Edge Quad HD+.

All 3 phones are equipped with Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor which is located under the screen, also they have a face recognition function. In addition, the S21 Ultra has support for the S Pen stylus.

What are the options for storage capacity

When it comes to storage, All devices have options with 128GB, 256GB. In addition, the S21 Ultra version also has a 512GB version of internal memory.

Speaking of RAM, the S21 and S21+ have 8GB of RAM. At the same time, the S21 Ultra has a version with 12GB of RAM (For versions with 128GB and 256GB of storage) and 16GB (For smartphones with 512GB).

Which smartphone is better to choose

Taking all of their differences you can navigate your needs. If you want a cheaper and more compact phone then you’re better off with the regular S21 version.

If you prefer big smartphones with big screens then you better get the S21+ version.

If you’re ready to spend more money and you want to do different kinds of photography or you just want a phone with the most advanced features then take S21 Ultra. It will surprise you a lot.



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