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GuidesWhat is Reddit Karma and how to get it

What is Reddit Karma and how to get it

How do you get Reddit Karma and is it even worth it?

What does Reddit karma mean

Reddit is a community of communities with subreddits you wouldn’t even believe existed that satisfy every need, desire, and interest.

One of the best forms of feedback is Reddit karma, which helps promote comments and publications and helps users get recognition. What is Reddit Karma? As you’ll see in this guide, Reddit karma is your reputation based on your contributions.

When you post a new post or comment on Reddit, users can promote or hide it by voting for or against the content. Each Reddit thread or comment starts with one point, which is the total karma assigned to that post.

If other Reddit users don’t like it, they can vote against it, reducing the number of karma points to negative numbers below zero. However, if other Reddit users like the post or comment, they can vote for it, making it more public. If the post goes viral with enough karma attached, it could potentially even send it to Reddit’s homepage.

This is the power of Reddit in action. Karma is the sum of the points you earn for commenting and posting on Reddit in various subreddits. It’s your reputation, allowing other Reddit users to see whether you have a good reputation on the platform, or whether you’re a bad contributor, a brand new user, or a complete fraud.

If you’re a popular contributor, your karma on Reddit will be high, but a couple of risky posts can lower your karma score. You can’t earn karma just by posting or commenting, but if you write helpful, interesting, or informative posts in popular subreddits, you’ll soon be rewarded for your contributions from other users.

Is Reddit Karma worth it?

Reddit karma isn’t mandatory, but it does help weed out poor content and subreddit users. For example, if you ever shadowbanned from Reddit, it would probably be because of a series of offensive or unpleasant posts – posts that would have been rejected by other users for the same reason.

Some subreddits also use a karma system to automatically check posts and comments. If you have a new account, you won’t have many karma points. Some subreddits won’t let you post new posts or comments unless you score that point somewhere else through regular Reddit postings.

How to get Reddit Karma easily

Reddit’s karma depends entirely on the goodwill of other users. If your comments and posts are well received, other users may vote for you. Votes for other users add a point to your total karma, which you can view in your profile.

You cannot fake your total, and most Reddit users will be able to detect attempts to create goodwill (and therefore karma) through fake or spammy posts. The best way to boost your karma rating on Reddit is to be sincere and open to the community in which you participate.

Some subreddits are notorious for having a mostly negative user base, so evaluate your contributions carefully. Posting controversial or negative posts will cause a backlash, which often comes with negative votes and a decrease in your karma.

How to view your Reddit Karma rating

If you want to keep track of your Reddit karma score, there are several ways to do so. A quick glance in the upper-right corner of the Reddit window (after logging in) will allow you to see your current Reddit karma score as a total.

Reddit’s karma score was previously separated into post karma and comment karma in the old Reddit interface. However, in the new Reddit interface, you will simply see your post and comment karma combined into one overall score.

If you’re interested in seeing split scores, you need to go back to the old Reddit interface. To do this, visit old.reddit.com/user/username, replacing the username with your Reddit username. Or select your username in the upper right corner of the new Reddit interface, then select the Visit old Reddit option.

If you want to go further, you can sign up for Reddit Premium (formerly Reddit Gold) and give away super karma with gold, silver, and platinum rewards. Don’t worry if you lose interest, because you can delete your Reddit account at any time, but be prepared to lose your karma if you do.



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