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AudioWhat does Speaker Type 2.0CH, 2.1CH, 2.2.0CH, 4.2.1CH mean

What does Speaker Type 2.0CH, 2.1CH, 2.2.0CH, 4.2.1CH mean

If you look at the specifications of an audio device, such as a TV or soundbar, you will see a 2.0Ch specification. The name may vary slightly depending on the type of device, and the value may also be slightly different. However, you may still be wondering what this means.

There is no single standard for how many sound channels are supported, so each manufacturer determines the order of the designation independently.

What CH means explained

CH is an abbreviation for the channel. It refers to the number of speakers in the unit, which usually corresponds to the number of sound channels the unit can play. For example, CH2.0 means that the device has two speakers. This of course implies that such a device supports stereo sound.

But of course, some manufacturers can do marketing tricks such as specifying a 4.4.2 sound system in a TV, this is actually the number of speakers but not the number of channels. And several speakers can work in parallel.

CH Speaker Type in TVs

In televisions, the speakers are mounted in the television itself, so the CH designation for televisions implies the number of speakers and usually determines where they are placed on the television cabinet.

Let’s take CH 2.2.1 as an example:

  • 2 – two speakers on top of the TV.
  • 2 – two speakers at the bottom.
  • 1 – the last digit, indicates the number of subwoofers.

CH in Soundbars (Number of Channels)

Soundbars indicate the number of supported sound channels and individual speakers.

For example, take CH 3.1.2. It means the following:

  • This soundbar supports 5.1 sound format (center, two side speakers, two rear speakers and a subwoofer).
  • 3 – the number of speakers in the main console, which is placed near the TV.
  • 1 – subwoofer
  • 2 – two rear (ascending) speakers.

Also, note that there are audio encoding and transmission standards. The most common formats are 5.1 and 7.1. In these formats, the first digit indicates the number of channels for sound transmission, (5 or 7), the second is the number of low-frequency speakers.

We recommend that you always pay attention to the description of the speaker system in the device, the number of channels, when studying the characteristics, because the interpretation of the designation CH may differ depending on the manufacturer.

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