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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What channel is the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

If you’re interested in weather programs after you’ve connected to Direct TV, it’s time to turn on channel 362 to go to Weather Channel. This is a channel that has been running since 1982 and is all about the weather and everything to do with it. It combines regular weather forecasts (every 10 minutes as part of Local on the 8s) with documentary shows about weather and how it affects our world.

What are the channel numbers for the Weather Channel on DirecTV?

The most obvious choice if you want to know the weather is the Weather Channel, which is on channel 362. This is the main weather channel on DirectTV and many other cable TV operators. This channel provides detailed weather forecasts every 10 minutes and many climate and weather-related documentaries.

To open Weather Channel, you will need to:

  • Pick up your DIRECTV remote control.
  • Using the numeric keypad, enter 362 and then press the Select button. This will immediately switch the TV to The Weather Channel.

You can also do this using the “Guide” menu:

  • Press the “Guide” button on the remote control. The full channel list will appear on the screen.
  • Use the up or down arrow buttons to navigate through the channels. When you reach channel 362, you will find The Weather Channel.
  • Press the Select button to tune in to that channel.

As of September 2023 (the date of writing this article), it is on channel 362. If anything changes, we will update the information in this article. If you can’t find the Weather Channel on channel 362, you should go to the Direct TV page to find out what channel the Weather Channel is on.

Is the Weather Channel available on all subscriptions?

The Weather Channel on DirecTV is not included in all subscription packages. Specifically:

  • Available:
    • CHOICE: Yes, subscribers of the CHOICE package have access to The Weather Channel.
    • ULTIMATE: Yes, those with the ULTIMATE package can also watch The Weather Channel.
    • PREMIER: As the most comprehensive package, PREMIER subscribers also have The Weather Channel included.
  • Not Available:
    • ENTERTAINMENT: Subscribers of the ENTERTAINMENT package do not have access to The Weather Channel.

It’s always a good idea to review the current channel lineup or consult with DirecTV customer service directly if you’re considering changing packages or want to ensure access to specific channels.

What are the channel numbers for the local weather channels on DirecTV?

Located on channel 361, AccuWeather Channel offers detailed weather information in your area. A distinctive feature of this channel is the zip code-specific forecasting feature. By entering your zip code when you sign up for DirectTV, you can receive weather forecasts tailored to your area. You can read more about it here.

In addition to AccuWeather, DirecTV users can receive local weather information from local news stations. The channel numbers of these local stations depend on the geographic area. Generally, local stations in the lower range of channel numbers on DirecTV provide weather information specific to the region they cover. For convenience and quick access, you can add both the AccuWeather channel and your preferred local news stations to your Favorites list.

What shows you can watch at Weather Channel on DirecTV?

In addition to regular weather forecasts, the Weather Channel also shows a lot of documentaries or real-life weather-related shows. Most often, these shows are about people who have overcome weather disasters or about places on the planet where the weather is the harshest.

  • Storm Stories: The Next Chapter: A riveting sequel to The Weather Channel’s acclaimed “Storm Stories” series, “Storm Stories: The Next Chapter” dives into both iconic and new tales of nature’s fury.
  • Weather Underground: “Weather Underground” breaks the conventional mold, offering a mix of in-depth meteorological discussions, advanced technology, and a touch of entertainment.
  • AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters): Wake up with “AMHQ,” The Weather Channel’s signature morning show.
  • Highway Thru Hell: Travel to some of North America’s most treacherous roads with “Highway Thru Hell.” conditions, challenging terrains, and high-stakes rescues, ensuring the roads remain open and safe.
  • Heavy Rescue: 401: A sister show to “Highway Thru Hell,” “Heavy Rescue: 401” shifts the focus to Ontario’s Highway 401 — reputed as one of the world’s busiest highways.
  • Hurricane Hunters: Venture into the eye of the storm with “Hurricane Hunters.” This unique series chronicles the Air Force Reserve Squadron’s daring journeys as they fly directly into hurricanes.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of programming that The Weather Channel offers. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, you can check the on-screen guide or The Weather Channel’s website to see the current schedule and find out more about the latest shows and specials.



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