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GamingSony shows new DualSense Edge for the PS5 costs $200

Sony shows new DualSense Edge for the PS5 costs $200

Xbox has been introducing its premium Xbox Elite Controllers for a long time. It was available even in the previous generation of Microsoft consoles. Sony has previously said that they were going to release similar gamepads. Now we have a little more new information about Sony’s premium controllers.

The new controller from Sony will be called DualSense Edge. It will be compatible with PS5, PC, and mobile devices. And it will be equipped with most extra options, such as interchangeable buttons, triggers, and additional buttons on the back. Previously you could buy pumped-up Gamepads from third-party manufacturers, but this is the first premium controller made by Sony.

Among the advanced settings, you can swap out the thumb sticks (choice of the high dome, low dome, and standard sticks), add back buttons/pads (half dome or lever), and customize them to your liking. In some games, you can also expose the rear trigger hairs to adjust the travel distance and the thumb stick sensitivity and dead zones. You’ll also be able to buy stick modules separately and change them as you want.

This is most likely Sony’s answer to the Elite 2 controller from Xbox, which was recently released. Included with the controller, you will be able to find a USB cable in a braid that you can lock into the controller. The controller comes with a carrying case that includes the controller, the cable, and all those interchangeable buttons and sticks.

The price stated by Sony for this controller is $200. However, you will have to wait before you buy, as it will not go on sale until after January 26, 2023. Replacement stick modules will also go on sale the same day. They will cost $20. Pre-orders will be available on October 25.



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