As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Samsung TV Q60C, Q61C, Q63C, Q64C, Q65C, Q67C, Q68C

The Q60C and its variants represent the sixth series of Samsung 2023 QLED TVs. If we talk about the TV itself, it is the lowest class TV of the QLED series. The screen distinguishes it from the Crystal series TVs, the Q60C uses liquid microcrystals on quantum dots in its pixels. But the screen itself is made on the outdated technology, with edge backlight; the backlight is located at the bottom of the screen, and in such a screen there is no screen dimming technology, maybe there is, but it is turned off only when the screen shows black color. Yes and more screens in such a TV with a color depth of 8 bits to increase the number of shades used dithering (rapid backlight flashing) is applied, which increases the number of shades. The maximum frame rate that the Q60C TV can display is 60 frames per second.

QLED Series 6 models in different countries

If you study the available models of QLED TVs of the sixth series, you can see models Q60C, Q61C, Q63C, Q64C, Q65C, Q67C, Q68C and, most likely, you will be interested in how these TV models differ. Here is a small table in which you can see in which countries you can see modifications of the basic model

US, CanadaQ60C

The differences between the Q65C and Q60C TVs in Mexico

So, looking at these TVs, the only difference is the design. The Q60C has two legs, while the Q65C has one center stand. There are also differences in the color of the frame around the screen. In Mexico, the Q65C is the base model in various sizes. As for the technical specifications, they are identical.

Differences between the Q65C, Q64, Q60C TVs in Europe

Now, about the European TV models, what I immediately noticed in the Q60C model is the claimed Supreme UHD Dimming technology, an older technology introduced back in 2016. The Q64C and Q65C models have Ultimate UHD Dimming, which is a bit newer. But there are other things; the main thing is that the TVs have screen matrices from different manufacturers, as evidenced by the fact that the Q64C and Q65C models are not offered in the 85-inch size. This means that the supplies come from different display manufacturers and, naturally, from different factories. You should know that Samsung no longer produces large LED panels for TVs; all QLED screens are from Chinese manufacturers.

Speaking of the Q65C, the difference between this model and the Q64C is the color of the frame; in this model, it is Titanium gray.

Differences between Q68C, Q67C TVs in Europe

If we talk about the Q67C and Q68C models, they are the subsequent modification of the Q65C. These TVs differ only in design, and since the design of modern TVs is in the color of the frame and legs, this is all the differences between these TVs.

There is no noticeable difference for the buyer; the technical characteristics of the TVs are the same. Of course, it would be nice to know the manufacturer of the display, but, alas, this information is not available.

This variety of TV models is likely due to different component suppliers, ultimately leading to slight differences in appearance. You may find the Q61C in the Philippines or the Q63C in Thailand, but these are all design variations.

Should I buy a Samsung Q60C-Q68C TV?

These TVs belong to the budget segment, if you need an inexpensive TV and you are not going to use it for gaming or watching HDR-video, it will suit you. If you need a TV with a high-quality screen and a real 10-bit matrix, then pay attention to the models starting with QN90C. If you’re interested in how Samsung divides TVs into series, visit our article Samsung 2023 TV Lineup.



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