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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Samsung Crystal UHD 2021 differences between 7, 8, and 9 series: Which one is better to buy?

Samsung Crystal UHD TVs are low-end TVs with standard LED displays.

To be fair, these are the cheapest screens for TVs, their technology was developed around 5-7 years ago.

Moreover, the displays are made with Edge backlighting technology (you can read more about the comparison between Direct LED and Edge LED here). In short words, Edge LED has its own drawbacks, like there’s no deep black and the local dimming works only on large areas.

However, since these screens have a pretty good picture quality and low price, they’re popular among buyers.

What to know Samsung Crystal UHD 2021 TVs: 7, 8, 9 series

Samsung keeps on releasing the Crystal UHD lineup in 2021 and 2022, they belong to the 7, 8, and 9 series.

However, in the US and Canada, there are only 8 series available for sale, but if you’re from Europe – you’re lucky – all three series are available there.

If we’re talking about the display size, it varies from 43 inches to 85 inches. However, you may be interested in what series you should choose. Let’s make a dive-in to understand.

Samsung Crystal UHD 7 series

Crystal UHD 4K 7 Series TVs are entry level TVs, they only have one USB port, Bluetooth is a little outdated version 4.2. This TV is for those who watch TV channels or videos. Although it can be used as a monitor for gaming, it doesn’t have enough settings to make it comfortable. Model numbers vary, the model number determines which country or region the TV is made for.

  • UK – AU7100, AU7110, AU7175
  • Germany – AU7172, AU7179, AU7199
  • Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden – AU7105, AU7175
  • Italy – AU7100, AU7175, AU7190
  • Czech Republic – AU7122, AU7172, AU7199
  • Poland – AU7102, AU7122, AU7172, AU7192
  • The Netherlands – AU7100, AU7170, AU7199
  • Russia – AU7100, AU7140, AU7160, AU7170, AU7500, AU7540, AU7560, AU7570
  • USA – not available
  • Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries – AU7000
  • Brazil – AU7700

Samsung Crystal UHD 8 series

Crystal UHD 4K 8 Series TVs, have one more USB port (two in total), this series has 2 USB ports, Bluetooth 5.2 standard (only in some countries). HDMI supports (ALLM) mode, Wireless Dex, Object tracking sound and more.

The TV is slightly better than the AU7000. You can see the model numbers in different countries in the list.

  • UK – AU8000, AU8007, AU8070
  • Germany – AU8002, AU8072, AU8079
  • France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden – AU8005, AU8072, AU8075
  • Spain – AU8005, AU8002, AU8075
  • Italy – AU8005, AU8072, AU8075
  • Czech Republic – AU8000, AU8005, AU8072, AU8075
  • Poland – AU8002, AU8072
  • The Netherlands – AU8000, AU8005, AU8070
  • Russia – AU8000, AU8040, AU8070
  • USA – AU8000
  • Mexico, Argentina, and other Latin American countries – AU8000
  • Brazil – AU8000

Samsung Crystal UHD 9 series

9 Series Crystal UHD 4K has many more features and the main difference is that the TV is more adapted for use as a monitor. Compared to the younger models, it supports Motion Xcelerator Turbo, FreeSync, MultiView, Game bar, Ambient Mode. If you want a great TV at a low price, the AU9000 is exactly what you’re looking for.

Samsung Grystal UHD model numbers by country:

  • UK – AU9000, AU9007, AU9070, AU9010
  • Germany – AU9079, AU9089
  • France – not available
  • Spain – AU9005, AU9075
  • Denmark, Finland, Sweden – AU9005, AU9072, AU9075, AU9085
  • Italy – AU9070, AU9072, AU9079, AU9080
  • Czech Republic – AU9070, AU9072, AU9080, AU9089
  • Poland – AU9002, AU9072, AU9082
  • The Netherlands – AU9005, AU9070, AU9080
  • Russia – AU9000, AU9010, AU9070
  • USA – not available
  • Mexico, Argentina and other Latin American countries – not available
  • Brazil – AU9000

Technical specifications AU7000 vs AU8000 vs AU9000

In the table below, you can see the tech specs of the basic models. You should know that the last two digits in the model number are design changes. On this basis, there are only three TV models AU70, AU80, AU90. Exception, in Russia there is a fourth model AU75.

AU9000 (2021)AU8000 (2021)AU7000 (2021)
Screen Size43, 50, 55, 65, 70, 7543, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 8543, 50, 55, 58, 65, 75
StyleFlat PanelFlat PanelFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
screen bit10bit (8 bit+FRC)10bit (8 bit+FRC)10bit (8 bit+FRC)
type scrennCrystal UHDCrystal UHDCrystal UHD
screen technologyVAVAVA
BacklightingEDGE LedEDGE LedEDGE Led
Dimming TechnologyUHD DimmingUHD DimmingUHD Dimming
Stand Type (Color)BlackBlackTITAN GRAY
Bezel Width3 Bezel-less3 Bezel-less3 Bezel-less
Motion Rate120120120
refresh rate606060
PQI (Picture Quality Index)280022002000
ColorDynamic Crystal ColorDynamic Crystal ColorPur Color
ContrastMega ContrastMega ContrastMega Contrast
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)HLG, HDR10+HLG, HDR10+HLG, HDR10+
Picture EngineCrystal Processor 4KCrystal Processor 4KCrystal Processor 4K
Sound Output20W20W20W
Speaker Type2CH2CH2CH
Object Tracking SoundYes liteYes liteNo
Multiroom LinkYesYesYes
OSTizen 6.0Tizen 6.0Tizen 6.0
Wi-FiYes WiFi 5Yes WiFi 5Yes WiFi 5
BluetoothYes (ver 5.2)Yes (ver.5.2)Yes (ver.4.2)
Smart HubYesYesYes
Samsung HealthYesYesNo
Film ModeYesYesYes
LED Clear MotionYesYesNo
Natural Mode SupportYesYesYes
Motion TechnologyMotion Xcelerator TurboMotion XceleratorYes
360 Video PlayerNoNoNo
360 Camera SupportNoNoNo
Easy SetupYesYesYes
App CastingYesYesYes
Wireless TV On - Samsung WOWYesYesYes
Wired TV On - Samsung WOLYesYesYes
Digital Clean ViewYesYesYes
Ultra BlackNoNoNo
Closed CaptioningYesYesYes
Game ModeNoNoNo
Eco SensorYesYesYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYesYesYes
Google AssistantYesYesYes
SmartThings App SupportYesYesYes
Far-Field Voice InteractionNoNoNo
TV PlusYesYesYes
Web BrowserYesYesYes
Filmmaker ModeYesYesYes
IP ControlYesYesYes
BT HID SupportYesYesYes
MBR SupportYesYesYes
IPv6 SupportYesYesYes
Tap ViewYesYesYes
Auto Game Mode (ALLM)YesYesNo
Wireless DexYesYesNo
Cloud ServiceOffice 365Office 365Office 365
Multi ViewYesNoNo
Game Motion PlusNoNoNo
Dynamic Black EQNoNoNo
Super Ultra Wide Game ViewNoNoNo
Game barYesNoNo
Expert CalibrationNoNoNo
Auto Channel SearchYesYesYes
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)YesYesYes
Channel GuideNoNoNo
Ambient ModeYesNoNo
Auto Power OffYesYesYes
AI Technology???
Auto Motion PlusYesYesYes
Embedded POPNoNoNo
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)YesYesYes
V-ChipYes only USYes only USYes only US
TV to Mobile - MirroringNoNoNo
USB HID SupportYesYesYes
AI UpscaleYesYesYes
Easy PairingNoNoNo
Inputs & Outputs
RF In (Terrestrial/CableYesYesYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes Europe, No USYes Europe, No USYes Europe, No US
Digital Audio Out (Optical)YesYesYes
Audio Return Channel SupportNoNoNo
One ConnectNoNoNo
Samsung OneRemoteYesYesYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB EuropeATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB EuropeATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB Europe
Analog TunerYesYesYes
Remote controlTM2180ATM2180ATM2180A, TM2140A



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