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GuidesS95B Samsung OLED Smart TV 55S95B and 65S95B here's what you should...

S95B Samsung OLED Smart TV 55S95B and 65S95B here’s what you should know

Samsung’s new 2022 TVs feature a line of OLED TVs. This is not Samsung’s first OLED TV, one of the first OLED TVs was the S9C model in 2013, but due to the high price and imperfect screens, Samsung’s production of OLED TVs was suspended at the time. Samsung’s competitor, LG, made a different decision and continued to develop large OLED displays and produce OLED TVs.

According to thelec website for the 2022 OLED TVs, Samsung will buy 2 million OLED panels from LG. This seems to be true, Samsung’s OLED TVs are 55 and 65 inches diagonal. These are the most mass-produced OLED display sizes that LG produces.

Why Samsung decided to produce OLED TVs

For the past few years, Samsung has been critical of TVs with OLED displays. But each year, LG is improving its panels. Many companies, such as Sony and Panasonic, produce OLED TVs by buying panels from LG. In 2022, Samsung promises to start producing its own QD-OLED panels. But in my opinion, the S95B is not a QD-OLED Samsung does not mention it in its releases. The reason for starting production of OLED TVs, Samsung’s desire not to lose the OLED TV market segment and prepare customers for QD-OLED TVs.

What you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of OLED S95B

The S95 is an OLED TV, so this TV has advantages and disadvantages that all OLED TVs have.

Advantages of the S95B.

Of course, the OLED TV has perfect black color, you can see very colorful colors and hues, and the ability to control the backlighting at the pixel level will further improve the picture quality. Using the Tizen operating system and a subwoofer will give you very high quality sound.

Disadvantages of S95B

As with any OLED TV, brightness is an issue. Be prepared for the brightness of the picture to be quite low. High brightness shortens the life of the organic LEDs. Therefore, manufacturers limit brightness by choosing an average acceptable value between the life and brightness of the OLED panel. The OLED panel is prone to burn-in, also the brightness will gradually decrease over time. If you plan to use the TV very often, you may encounter these problems in the near future.

Of course, we can only welcome Samsung to join other OLED TV companies. What kind of TV we will get, we will know after the start of sales in the second half of April.


    • I did not find such a mention on the Samsung website. Yes, some sites write that it is a QD-OLED panel, but I don’t think so. If it were, it would be a huge advertising campaign, but we don’t see that. And by the way, Samsung has promised to start producing QD-OLED TVs in the second half of 2022. Deliveries of the S95B will start on April 18.


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