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AppleHow often should you clean your iPhone's lightning port?

How often should you clean your iPhone’s lightning port?

From time to time the charging port on your iPhone can get clogged. This causes quite a few inconveniences, for example, you may have problems charging or transferring data. This makes many users wonder how often they need to clean the Lightning port on their iPhones.

How often should you clean the Lightning port on your iPhone

When mobile phones first appeared on the market they were very different devices. In the era of push-button mobile phones, manufacturers had to be quite original to gain the trust of customers. Some chose unusual phone designs, some tried to make the best quality camera or add other interesting features such as a flashlight or retractable keypad.

In addition to all this, a distinctive feature of the phones of that time was that different phone manufacturers used different ports and plugs for charging. At that time, if you often changed the phone you had to constantly update all your gadgets for it. So many phone manufacturers also made headphones specifically for their ports and other accessories.

At the moment the world has come to the fact that there are several standards of ports in smartphones. This is very convenient because when you change your smartphone, you don’t have to throw out the old charger or wire to connect to the smartphone. In addition, removable power adapters are also a very handy thing. At the moment, there are three main types of chargers that are used in most modern gadgets: micro-USB, USB-Type C and Lightning.

If you’re a user of Apple devices, then you must be familiar with Lightning cables. They have been used in almost all of the company’s mobile devices for quite some time. It’s very convenient when you can charge your iPhone, iPad, and even iPods with one cable. Of course, now the new models of iPads have switched to the USB port – Type C. However, Lightning is still relevant for iPhones and older tablets.

Despite this, users still occasionally encounter difficulties with the charging port on their devices. One of the most common problems is a dirty port or plug. This can lead to charging deterioration or more serious problems.

Therefore, many users are now wondering how often you should clean the charging port in iPhones.

How often do you need to clean the Lightning port on your iPhone

The truth is that as soon as your phone gets in your pocket or for example in a backpack, then particles of dust or different dirt start to get clogged in the charging port. There is no way to avoid this. So it’s a good idea to clean the charging port from time to time. That’s what a lot of users think.

However, in practice, if you’re without the right skills constantly and too diligently clean the charging port, you can only make things worse. Smartphones are quite fragile devices that you can easily damage with too much pressure or just careless handling. For this reason, you should only clean the charging port of your smartphone when necessary.

In fact, many people may never need to clean the charging port on their smartphones. You should do this when you’re having problems charging, transferring files over the wire, or when you see that the port is already very dirty and needs to be cleaned of excess dirt.

How to clean a Lightning port from dirt

If you have already decided that you need to clean your port of lightning from the dirt, there are some simple rules to follow. For starters, you’ll need:

  • A bright flashlight or a good lamp so you can clearly see the port and whether dirt is left there.
  • Compressed air. You can buy it at any hardware store and it’s perfect for blowing the dirt out of your smartphone.
  • Wooden toothpick. You need exactly a wooden toothpick. Never try to get into a port with anything metal or harder than wood. You will surely damage the components inside your iPhone that way.

When you have everything you need all you need to do is first turn off your smartphone. After that position the compressed air at an angle away from the port and try to blow all the dirt out of there. If there is still anything left inside, use a toothpick. Be very careful and make gentle and light movements, if you apply pressure or force then you risk breaking your smartphone. At the end, blow the port again with compressed air.

As you can see there is nothing complicated about it. Remember that you must always be careful not to use too much force during the whole process.



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