As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Samsung Neo QLED TVs with Mini LED 2022: Everything we know so far

On CES 2022 Samsung announced that its new Neo QLED TVs that will provide better image quality and contrast using the Neo Quantum Processor and BLU (Back Light Unit). The company announced that the brightness level will be increased to 14-bit gradation (compared to 12-bit gradation in previous models).

However, a much more important element will be the so-called Quantum Mini LEDs. Their use will increase the number of backlight zones to 16,384, compared to 4,096 backlight zones in previous models.

Moreover, the new Shape Adaptive Light technology will analyze the lines and shapes of volumes on the screen, to display them more clearly, without creating halos around them. This will allow the new Neo QLED TVs to display HDR content in their entirety.

In addition, the new Real Depth Enhancer technology will determine the parameters of the object, its background, and elements around it, which will create a more realistic sense of depth in the picture.

Also, Samsung announced that it will add an EyeComfort mode, which will adjust the brightness and color tone of the picture based on ambient light. So, if EyeComfort is active, then the brightness and contrast of the picture will change depending on the ambient light, by adjusting the level of blue light.

For example, if you watch TV with EyeComfort at night, the blue light level will be reduced to create a warmer picture.

New and improved sound features

In addition to changes to the image, sound features will also receive an update. For example, OTS (Object Tracking Sound) will change the sound level along with the object on the screen to create a more surround sound. Also, Samsung Neo QLED TVs 2022 will support Dolby Atmos (for which new upper audio channel speakers have been added). This will create a more dynamic and surround sound.

Other Samsung Neo QLED TVs 2022 features

Game Center: Samsung will add a special menu section with access to games, both those in the cloud and through connected consoles. Initially, the following game libraries will be available: Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik.

Moreover, users can connect third-party gaming controllers to their Samsung TVs, as well as other peripherals.

The Hub will also provide access to YouTube Gaming to watch live streams.

You’ll also be able to combine the game with on-screen visuals like YouTube clips. This is a great option for those who want to get through the game and watch the tutorial so they know what to do.

Watch Together: This feature allows you to share your viewing experience with your friends. Samsung announced that it will be available with TV shows, games, and other content. However, it will most likely not be available with streaming services. To use it, you can use the video camera on a compatible device or connect the camera to the TV.

Solar remote with Wi-Fi charging: In 2022, Samsung announced that the charger will be able to recharge from radio waves, such as from a Wi-Fi router.



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