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GamingPolish players collapse the God of War Ragnarok rating

Polish players collapse the God of War Ragnarok rating

This week saw the release of the high-profile AAA game God of War Ragnarok from Santa Monica Studios, Sony’s internal studio. The game received great reviews from journalists, and most players welcomed it warmly, as it took the original formula and improved everything. But, as always, there were problems.

If you follow Metacritic, you might have noticed that the user rating for this game started to drop drastically in the last two days. Sony made a very unpleasant mistake, due to which the players in the Polish region have become unavailable voice acting in Polish.

If you’re in Poland and have bought a physical version of the disc for the Polish region, you can only turn on the English, German, Italian, and French voice acting there. Surprisingly, there is no Polish voice acting in the game. However, it comes in the digital version of the game if you buy it on PSN.

We asked Sony for a comment, and the publisher admitted that this problem arose from an error when writing the game to disc. Sony promised that in the coming days, they would release a new update that will add the possibility to put the voice-over for the owners of discs in the Polish region.

Meanwhile, it’s been five days since its release, and feedback continues to replenish the Polish players who are dissatisfied with the situation. Currently, the game has a rating of 8.3 for the PS5 version with 415 negative reviews and 6.9 for the PS4 with 77 negative reviews.

However, it is worth noting that all noted the excellent technical state of the game. If you ignore the problems with localization, the game runs smoothly and without bugs or slowdowns in FPS, even on the regular PS4. At the same time, on PS5, you can run God of War Ragnarok in performance mode with 120 FPS. In addition, the game looks just amazing.



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