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ComputingNvidia canceled one of the two RTX 4000 cards

Nvidia canceled one of the two RTX 4000 cards

Only recently, users could purchase the Nvidia RTX 4090, as Nvidia canceled one of the upcoming graphics cards. In addition to the 4090, which is already out, two versions of the 4080 were also presented at the last presentation. Now one of them, Nvidia, has withdrawn from production.

Nvidia announced that “phasing out” the younger version of RTX 4080. As you probably heard, the company promised to release them in a month or so, and the lineup should be 4080 with 16GB and 4080 with 12GB. Now the 12GB version has been canceled.

This is a pretty logical move. The thing is that besides the fact that it will not have 16GB Vram, but only 12GB, the younger version also has 7 680 CUDA cores. At the same time, RTX 4080 with 16GB has 9,728 CUDA cores. You will have a much less powerful graphics card if you buy the RTX 4080 with 12GB. Nvidia has stated that they think this will confuse potential buyers.

The main downside of this news is that the 12GB version of the 4080 was supposed to sell for $900, while the 4080 with 16GB would cost as much as $1,200. So unless you’re willing to budget more to upgrade your computer, you’re better off looking at cheaper graphics cards like the 3090 or waiting for new releases.

So far, Nvidia hasn’t announced what will go with the 4080 at 12GB. Most likely, it will be released but under a different name. For example, 4070 or 4070Ti. However, some experts say this graphics card could be even less potent than the 3090. However, its significant advantage is support technologies such as DLSS 3.0. If you expect a cheaper graphics card, you will probably have to wait until 2023.



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