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ComputingMicrosoft accidentally shows Windows 12 design

Microsoft accidentally shows Windows 12 design

Microsoft accidentally revealed a possible design for Windows 12. One of Microsoft’s powerful presentations, Ignite 2022, was primarily devoted to Microsoft 365. However, during the presentation, the company showed a screenshot of Microsoft 365 running on a desktop that looks nothing like Windows 11.

Many experts and insiders say this could be the next version of Windows 12. Zach Bowden of Windows Central said the possible design of the following Windows was shown internally or a few months ago. At this point, several versions of the design could apply to creating the following Windows. Microsoft has hinted at a prototype design for a major Windows release in 2024. Among other things, the insider claimed one method in which the user interface elements at the top of the screen are a translucent bar.

The system in Microsoft’s screenshot is quite different from Windows 11. It features a floating taskbar at the bottom, a search bar at the top of the screen, several items of information, such as current weather updates, and system icons, such as Wi-Fi and battery. This design reminded many users of the macOS design.

“The goal of this new design approach is reportedly to further optimize the user interface for touch users, without alienating the mouse and keyboard users who make up most of Windows users today,” according to the XDA Developers report.

Of course, for now, this is only a speculated design for the next Windows 12. It could change many more times before its release. There’s not much time left until Windows 12, as it’s expected to come out three years after the original Windows 11 release.



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