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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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LG washing machine model number decoding 2012-2023

You will always need the model number when choosing a washing machine or looking for spare parts.
The model number is the identification of the washing machine. Still, you should know that the model number also contains information, not all of it, of course, about the technical features of the washing machine. In this article, you will learn how to understand the model number of your LG washing machine and why you might need it.

What the LG washing machine model number mean

Here’s what the LG washing machine model number tells you:

  • Washer Type: you can find out the type of washing machine, with front or vertical loading, built-in or combined, as well as a washing machine with not only washing but also drying function.
  • RPM: (not used in the US) the maximum spin speed of the washing machine, the washing machine series (which serves the washing machine belongs to, or more correctly, which modification)
  • Design: the design features of the washing machine, the color of the housing, and the color of the door.

Types of washing machine model numbers

Depending on the country or region, the model number of the washing machine can be different; separately, we can distinguish washing machines for the United States, Canada, and Mexico since they are produced only for this region; their models are very different from European and models for other countries.

If we consider Europe separately, the same washing machine may have several model numbers depending on the country to which it is delivered.

LG washing machine model number decoding (USA, Canada)

Features washing machine model numbers for the United States and Canada. The almost complete absence of technical specifications in the model number can be noted. You can only determine the type of washing machine and color from the model number. Also, from time to time, there are unique model numbers such as LUWD1CW; at one time, it was a premium model of washing machine from the LG Signature line. But this line was not particularly popular. Also, in 2023 appeared, a model of washing machine SWWG50N3 is a line of LAUNDRY CENTER. But if you open the manual, the model number WKX30H*A will be. Here is an example of how you can understand the LG washing machine’s model number or model code.

  • W – washing machine
    • M – a type of washing machine
    • M – front loading
    • T – top loading
    • D – pedestal
    • K – combo
  • 3 – washing machine series
  • 470 – modification (it can be a difference in control, etc.)
  • C – modification, a feature of the washing machine, e.g., steam washing or Mega Capacity.
  • W – the color of the washing machine
    • W – white
    • V – steel
    • B or M black

One more symbol may be at the end, usually the letter A. This is an additional symbol to distinguish washing machine models. For example, in 2012, model WM3470HWA was produced, and in 2023 appeared, model WM3470CW in appearance. They are very similar.

LG washing machine model number decoding (Europe)

There is quite an interesting situation with model numbers for LG washing machines in Europe. There are many European countries, and the cost of service for LG should be minimal. For example, if the washing machine was bought in Poland, brought to Germany, and broke down there, how to refuse warranty repair? Also, it is necessary to consider the use of a large number of languages; the menu in the washing machine should be adapted to a particular country. The solution is straightforward; the model numbers of washing machines are different, although the washing machine is assembled on the same chassis and in the same factory.
Here is an example of the same washing machine and model numbers in different countries.

  • UK – F4V710WTSH
  • Spain – F4WV7010S2W
  • Portugal – F4WV7010S2W
  • France – F14V50WHS
  • Germany – F4WV70X1
  • Italy – F4WV710S1E
  • Denmark – K4WV710S1W
  • Netherlands – GC3V709S1A
  • Poland – F4WV710S1E

Therefore, for Europe, the washing machine model number needs more information that can be easily understood. This is why you have to look for this information in the manuals. In reality, the model number only tells you the maximum drum speed when spinning the laundry, which is of no interest to anyone because it is of no practical use.

Now about what you can find out from the washing machine’s model number.

  • F – front-loading washing machine, in Europe, there are very few washing machines with vertical loading; they are practically not produced.
  • 4 (14) – the maximum possible drum speed per minute during spinning.
  • 10 (0) – 1000
  • 12 (2) – 1200
  • 14 (4) – 1400
  • 16 (6) – 1600
  • V – chassis, as I have already said, despite the great variety of models of washing machines, the basis of all is almost the same, with the letter V to produce washing machines from 2019 to date.
  • 0 (10) – the model in the series.
  • W – the color of the body of the washing machine, in this case, white.
  • TSH – modification can be any function, for example, connection to WiFi, auto-dosing detergent, or steam washing.

Old LG washing machine model number decoding (Europe)

LG washer model number decoder example


Before 2018, the model number of LG washing machines could be decoded differently.

  • F (M, E), FH – Front Loading. The number of characters may vary depending on the model or country. Top-loading washing machines are rare in Europe. Therefore, there are no top-loading models in the LG washing machine range.
  • 14 – Maximum drum speed of the washing machine during spinning,
  • 10 (0) – 1000,
  • 12 (2) – 1200,
  • 14 (4) – 1400,
  • 16 (6) -1600,
  • 80 -800.

For washing machine manufacturers, the maximum spin speed is one of the most essential parameters for buyers. But in this case, more is not better. You will rarely need to spin at high speeds.

  • U2 – Type of control and display panel.
  • QCN – modification, the model with the function of steam received at the end of the letter S (QCS)
  • 2 – Colour of the washing machine body.

LG washing mashine models by year

There are several ways to find out the model year of your washing machine. Look at the sticker; it shows the model number and serial number; the serial number tells you the date of manufacture; how to find the model number and serial number can be found in the article “Decoding the serial number of an LG washing machine.
The second method is more labor-intensive – it involves studying the manual and customer reviews to determine the year of manufacture of the washing machine roughly.

The model number (model code) is a part number washing machine. LG needs to identify the appliance. The model number is used to locate spare parts for repairs, and it is also an identifier for users to use when choosing a new washing machine.

If you’re interested in a list of washing machines from the last 10 years, the article “LG Washing Machine Models by Year” lists washing machines for the US and UK.

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    • I don’t know the part number, but I can tell you from experience that pumps very rarely fail. 90% of failures are a foreign object getting into the pump and jamming it. I would recommend you remove the pump and look at the water pump gear to make sure it spins freely.

  1. Great try, but still useless. Can’t navigate through their products. What is worse when you download manual, except from the cover, it doesn’t say which product you’re reading, so you can really compare between tge couple of them. Extremely bad naming convention.

    • FH:front loading
      V:AI Direct Drive ,T:Steam Technology,M:6 Motion Directdrive
      12: Max spin rate is 1200,10 max spin rate 1000
      07:load weight 7kg, 65:6.5kg, 06:6kg
      W:Turbo wash, N:Normal I suppose
      B:Black washing machine, W:White, L:Luxury Silver

  2. Hi, can you help me with the model number of the LG RC80EU2AV4D dryer? What do letters and numbers mean? Thank you for answer. Jana


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