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AppleIs the iPhone SE waterproof?

Is the iPhone SE waterproof?

Many users wonder whether their device’s waterproof or not. This is a common question, as there are some cases when the device accidentally falls in the water, or the user wants to take some photos in the sea or ocean. Some of them have been sure that the device’s waterproof, but then it stopped working. So, if you’re an owner of an iPhone SE and you want to find out whether it’s waterproof or not, keep on reading.

Is the iPhone SE waterproof

iPhone SE is water-resistant, but not waterproof, there are some differences between those 2 qualities. Moreover, it can be improved for even better protection.

Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone SE, has been released earlier this year. It is provided with many features and capacities, however, the price isn’t high, including water resistance. As many users may think that water resistance and being waterproof are the same, there are many common questions asked about that.

What are the benefits of the iPhone SE

In 2020, the iPhone SE’s popularity has sustained the company through a quarantine-stricken economy. So Apple’s released iPhone SE to market as its most affordable iPhone to date. Priced at just $399, the iPhone SE is just $50 more expensive than the 2017 iPhone 8. There are many reasons why iPhone SE is much cheaper than others. For example, it’s much smaller, although there is a number of other differences as well. In addition to this, as you spend less money, you’ll be able to buy more separately-sold accessories. Apple’s new iPhone SE can run the latest iOS 14, and also features the new A13 Bionic chip – the most rapid in a smartphone and the same chip is included in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Moreover, there are some new upgrades such as a 4K-camera system with zoom, Slo-Mo, and Time Lapse capabilities.

Why iPhone SE is water-resistant

Apple, like a lot of other tech firms, works according to the International Protection (IP) rating supplied by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Those ratings compartmentalize the grades of protection that the exterior has against the raid of solid and liquid things, as well as the degree of physical effect on the exterior. According to Apple, the iPhone SE is provided with an IP67 rating for water resistance. It means that the device may be protected up to one meter (about three feet) for 30 minutes. Although I can’t say the iPhone SE is waterproof, it’s a good water resistance, which is similar to other Apple devices like Apple Watch. The exterior is aerospace-grade aluminum, which isn’t heavy although durable. If you still need some more water protection, buying a waterproof case for your device would be a great idea, as it would give you an additional layer of protection.

What do IP67, IP68, and IPX8 mean

IP, or ingress protection ratings (also known as international protection ratings), are a standard set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission. According to the organization, the codes are created as a “system for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment.”

The first number in the rating code describes the degree of protection released against the access of foreign solid objects, such as fingers or dust. These protection levels range from a low of 0 to a high of 6.

The second number describes the degree of protection against the access of moisture or liquid, with protection levels ranging from a low of 0 through a high of 8.

What does “Very Water-Resistant” mean

Like the iPhone SE, the Apple Watch has an IPX7 rating. It means that iPhone SE has the same level of water resistance as the Apple Watch. However, the Apple Watch has been initially released with a Water Lock feature that further counts to its water-resistance abilities by letting users remove any extra water entangled in the speaker box of the watch. Due to the fact that the iPhone doesn’t have that capability, the biggest danger from water exposure may be in the speaker.

If you still need to improve the iPhone SE’s water resistance buying a waterproof case for your device would be a great idea, as it would give you an additional layer of protection. For example, there are the LifeProof line of cases and the “waterproof” FRĒ cases almost double the water-resistance of the iPhone. This means the deepness that the phone is shielded slopes from one meter to two. Likewise, the case advances the term of protection from thirty minutes to one hour. The LifeProof cases improve the condition of the iPhone SE as it’s being upgraded to an IPX8 level and that’s only one below the highest water-resistance rating possible. In addition, the extra screen protection can help to ensure iPhone SE can continue to be used straight after any exposure to water.



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