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AppleIs the iPhone 13 waterproof?

Is the iPhone 13 waterproof?

People have long been unable to imagine their lives without their smartphones. They are always with us, and losing your smartphone can be quite unpleasant. It would create a lot of problems because many people have quite a lot of important data stored on it. However, the truth is that anything can happen, and to be more sure, many people often wonder if their iPhone 13 is waterproof.

Is iPhone 13 really waterproof?

In today’s world, smartphones have become not a luxury, but a necessity, without which many people can no longer imagine their lives.

Smartphones are the modern analogs of personal assistants. You can use it for reminders, and alarms, you can even take a photo or log on to the network. With the development of technology, they have become as accessible and user-friendly as possible. That’s why almost everyone has a smartphone today.

There is quite a lot of competition in the smartphone market at the moment. Many companies produce powerful modern smartphones. One of the largest manufacturers is Apple with their iPhones.

These are super-popular smartphones that people around the world use. The iPhone has already become a kind of guarantor of quality. The company releases a new smartphone every year and is constantly improving them. Today it’s a device with a fairly powerful core, a stable system, and a quality body made of proven good materials.

The weak point of smartphones has always been their fragility and the problems with the fact that with a couple of careless movements you can lose your device, or you have to pay quite a lot for its repair. Manufacturers try to solve this problem year after year by making their devices more and more sturdy and reliable.

So Apple says that their new smartphones are quite strong and have good water resistance, which allows their smartphones to be submerged under water and even work there for a while. However, many users don’t fully trust these claims and want to find out if their iPhone can survive submergence under water.

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What degree of protection does the iPhone 13 have?

According to Apple – the iPhone 13 line is splash, water, and dust resistant – when tested under controlled laboratory conditions. The iPhone 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13, and 13 mini are all IP68-rated. ‘IP’ in this case stands for ‘Ingress Protection,’ and the numbering is the rating.

The number 6 means how well the device is protected against dust. The second number is 8, which is responsible for water protection. In the case of dust protection, this is the highest possible rating, so the iPhone is fully protected from dust in any form. Water protection isn’t the highest, the rating of 8 isn’t fully waterproof.

This means that your iPhone can stay underwater up to 3 meters deep and up to 30 minutes before it suffers water damage. On top of that, the latest iPhones are resistant to accidental spills of common liquids such as various drinks. The iPhone 13 isn’t waterproof, which means that it won’t last long underwater. For a smartphone to be waterproof, it must be without any ports.

The iPhone’s available protection against splash, dust, and water isn’t a permanent condition and may diminish over time. Apple emphasizes that iPhones aren’t eligible for warranty repair if water gets inside. That is why if your goal is to watch video content underwater use a protective case. When buying, pay attention to security features, iPhone compatibility, and manufacturer. Trusted brands are Griffin, Joy Factory, LifeProof, and Catalyst.

Although there are many videos on YouTube where Apple devices are subjected to harsh tests, it’s not recommended to repeat this in your life. In the case of a breakdown, the company won’t pay for the repair, and the user risks losing the gadget altogether.

What to do if your iPhone 13 gets wet?

Even though iPhone 13 has protection against water, it’s worth taking some action if your device is wet. The first thing to do if your iPhone is in water is to pull it out as soon as possible. Even with what Apple says you can keep your iPhone underwater for about 30 minutes is dangerous. The reason for this is that over time the protection may decrease. So get your iPhone 13 out of the water as soon as possible.

Also, remove the iPhone from any case that might be on the device. Because there might also be moisture under the case. If it’s not water, but the liquid that got on your iPhone, gently rinse the phone in clean water. After that, gently shake the water out of the Lightning port with the palm of your hand and wipe off all the liquid with a soft cloth.

It’s also necessary if your iPhone has spent too much time underwater to turn it off. Then let your iPhone dry for at least 5 hours before charging it or turning it back on. If your iPhone doesn’t turn on or the screen stops being active you should contact a service center. Just note that this isn’t a warranty case, as damage due to contact with liquid isn’t covered by the warranty.



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