In fact, almost all Samsung TV owners use their TV just to watch content – so they don’t need any additional features. However, if you’re a more advanced user – you may need more features than provided out of the box. For example – you can use Developer Mode on your Samsung TV to allow installing apps from external sources, like third-party apps, that aren’t available in Samsung Apps.

If you’re a user of a more advanced kind – you can use Developer Mode to get in-depth access to your Samsung TV and install third-party apps. But, first of all, consider whether you really need third-party apps.

Actually, Developer Mode (no surprisingly) is for developers, so if you’re not an app developer, the only thing how you can use this feature is to install third-party apps from external sources.

How to enable Developer Mode on Samsung TV – here’s what you should do

If you want to turn on Developer Mode on your Samsung TV, you should do the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Smart Hub.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Enter your PIN – the standard one is 00000 or 12345.
  • Toggle Developer Mode to be ON.
  • Enter the IP Address of your PC, Mac or laptop.
  • Confirm action by clicking OK.

You will need to restart your Samsung TV to refresh settings and activate Developer Mode.

Now, Developer Mode is active and you can install third-party apps on your Samsung Smart TV. However, some users are encountering problems. Below I explain the most common ones.

How to fix you can’t activate Developer Mode

In my article for Splaitor, I explained the most common issues I’ve found on the Web:

  • PIN is incorrect. Try both 12345 and 00000, if no one fits – probably you’ve changed the PIN, so try to remember it.
  • PIN is incorrect, but you haven’t changed it. That’s software problem – just connect an external keyboard and enter PIN using it.

How to install third-party apps on your Samsung TV

I have an article about how to install third-party to your Samsung Smart TV, so you can read it. But here I will provide a short guide.

But before you proceed, you need to enable external sources on your Samsung Smart TV. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Personal tab.
  • Go to Security.
  • Look for Unknown Sources and set it to Enabled.

Now, you have three different ways to install third-party apps:

  • As Apk file.
  • Via USB or flash drive.
  • Using Command Prompt.

How to install apk file to your Samsung TV

  • Download the apk using native browser.
  • Open it and follow on-screen instructions.

How to install third-party apps via USB or flash drive

Here’s what you should do in this case:

  • Find apk file on the Web using your PC, Mac or laptop.
  • Save apk files on your flash drive or USB drive.
  • Plug in your USB or flash drive to your Samsung TV and open apk file
  • Follow on-screen instructions.

How to install third-party apps using Command Prompt

Here’s what you should do in this case:

  • Find and download the apk file of a desired app.
  • Find your Samsung TV IP address (go to Settings – Network option – Information).
  • Open the Command Prompt on your PC or laptop.
  • Type adb connect and your TV’s IP address.
  • Type install D/ and your apk file name (with .apk in the end).
  • After the process is completed, you should type adb disconnect and your TV’s IP address 

In my opinion, the first method (downloading apk files directly to your TV) is the best, as it’s the easiest one. So I recommend using it.

This article was written by Vladislav Sheridan and was reviewed by Anatoliy Sheridan, a Head of Content at Tab-tv, according to our Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

Featured image credit: TechRadar


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