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GuidesHow to turn on Demo Mode or Store Mode on Sony TV

How to turn on Demo Mode or Store Mode on Sony TV

When you buy a new Sony TV in a home appliance store, you can count on the highest quality video and sound reproduction, as well as extensive additional functionality. This is especially true for the latest models of equipment with smart TV functions, but many users encounter some problems during operation.

Demo mode can come in handy in those cases where you need to design a picture, interior for photography, or for business. The purpose may be different, but the result is the same – the TV must show the best performance, the best picture, and sound. Exactly how to put your Sony TV into a demo mode.

What is Store Mode or Demo Mode

Store Mode (sometimes called Retail Mode or Store Demo Mode) is a special mode used when the TV is in a retail store that has a showroom. In short, it’s used when the TV is used to show off its best features for all to see. Thus, retail stores use this mode to attract potential customers and get them to buy a TV, and there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just a marketing trick to bring out the best qualities of each model.

The Home mode though is designed so that you can enjoy your favorite shows and channels on Sony TV. To put it simply – it is a mode that should be present on every TV.

However, you should know that this mode is not used to watch the TV, but to present its features, so it’s not suitable for everyday use. Also keep in mind that Sony uses different names for these features on different TV models: Retail Mode, Store Mode, Shop Mode, or Demo Mode. Though regardless of the name, it’s the same.

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What the Store mode is used for on a Sony TV

The main thing for every company is to sell its products, and Sony is no exception. This is how markets work – so every company makes every effort to ensure that people buy its products and not those produced by competitors.

To this end, the Sony factory records demonstration videos of very high quality. Watching these videos in the showroom of a retail store can tell a lot about the benefits of the TV. Another advantage is that such clips are already recorded on the internal flash drive, so you can play them without connecting to an external source or Wi-Fi.

There’s also a sample QR code, which potential buyers can use to go to the Sony website and find the description of the specific TV model.

However, the sample video is not the only thing you should know about the demonstration mode. Another thing to keep in mind is that in Store Mode, the settings are set to maximum brightness and maximum contrast. Since there’s usually good lighting in retail store showrooms, the visual brightness of the screen is reduced.

So, these settings are really good for the store and allow potential customers to explore all the benefits of the TV – but they’re really weird at home. However, if you had other goals when buying a TV and you need a clear picture or video in the background for your business, presentations, etc., then this mode is ideal.

A small disadvantage is that such videos or slideshows can be cyclical and usually they are short. So be aware of this factor. You are about to find out exactly how to make the Sony TV constantly show a stabile video playback.

Is there an option on how to enable Demo Mode on Sony TVs

So, as you know, there are several ways to turn off Demo mode on different TVs, but now you need to turn it on, which may lead to some questions. However, everything isn’t so complicated and the principle of action is almost the same. Follow these steps to activate Store Mode on Sony TV:

  • Find and press the HOME button of the house icon. If there is no such button, then the MENU button should be present.
  • Go to the Settings menu item.
  • Next, go to System Settings.
  • The next step is under General.
  • Look for the Demo or Home section and click on Shop.

Thus, by selecting the Shop, you activate the Demo mode, which is designed to demonstrate all the features of the technique to the potential buyer. If the “in-store” mode is active on your device, you can change it to the home mode in the settings, for this you only need a remote control.

How to enable the Demo mode via Autorun

The other way has been tested many times and will work for almost all Sony TVs. To do this, you need to go to the initial settings. There you will find an option to select Store mode instead of Home mode.

  • Press HOME on your remote control.
  • At the end of the menu, there will be Settings, click on it.
  • Select System Settings and press OK.
  • Next, you need the Setup item.
  • Select Initial Setup. Not to be confused with Auto Setup is a bit different.
  • The next step will be prompted to make the initial settings: choose a country, or language, search for channels, and connect to the network, if offered, you can also change the settings you want.
  • You should be prompted to select the location of your TV: Store (DEMO mode) and HOME (home viewing).

Confirm your actions and all you have succeeded in turning off the Home mode of your Sony TV.

All TVs come with factory default settings. All TVs are set to the Home mode by default. This is the default mode that allows you to watch TV and use any other functions, so if you want to use the TV for other purposes – it must be set to Store Mode.

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How to get rid of Safe Mode on Sony TV

In order not to lose all of your user data, as soon as you start performing this procedure, you should try a Power Reset. In some cases Power Reset is the ideal option to get out of safe mode, however, if it didn’t change anything – you’ll have to reset to default settings. This procedure won’t take long, but after Factory Reset the TV will switch to the initial setup procedure, during which you have to re-enter all the required data.

Let’s see at what stage your TV is:

  • the home screen is displayed;
  • when loading, it doesn’t reach the home screen.

In case you have a home screen, try to back up the channel list before resetting.

In order to factory reset Sony:

  • Turn on the television receiver
  • Press the Home button on the remote control
  • In the main menu, select the “Settings” item
  • Go to the “Storage and reset” tab
  • Click on the line “Reset to factory settings
  • Select the “Erase everything” option.

There may be some models that require a password to reset the settings – the one used for Parental Controls.

What you should do if the main screen is not displayed, and it does not respond to pressing the Home button? The next steps are below:

  • Turn on the television receiver
  • Press the Help button on the remote control
  • The menu of the section “How to use a Sony TV” will start, select the item “Reference Guide” in it
  • Go to the “Settings” submenu
  • Sequentially select the items “TV setup”, “TV”, “Settings
  • Click on the line “Storage and reset
  • Select, like the instructions above, the item “Reset to factory settings” and the parameter “Erase everything”.

Enter the Parental Control password if required.

And that’s basically all you need to do in case you want to switch modes on your Sony TV. How exactly to change the mode in Sony TVs you already know and all left is to consolidate the knowledge in practice.



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