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GuidesHow to stop YouTube from asking you 'Continue Watching'

How to stop YouTube from asking you ‘Continue Watching’

Sometimes YouTube pauses a video when there is no user activity and displays a “Continue Watching?” message. If you prefer to listen to music or podcasts, for example, when the YouTube window is minimized, it can be annoying to see this message and pause the video. In this case, you have to go back to the web browser and click the special button to continue watching.

Fortunately, there are several working ways to avoid “Continue Watching”. You can change some settings on your PC or install a special extension to your web browser. But before doing so, let’s examine why “Continue Watching” appears.

So here’s how it works.

What is the reason for the stopping of the video?

If you often watch YouTube in the background, you’ve probably experienced that playback automatically pauses. Google has introduced a feature that checks whether the user is on the PC while watching the video.

If you start playback in the background and YouTube detects no activity, it will perceive this as your absence and pause playback. To continue watching, go to the website and press the confirm button. Playback will start from where it was paused.

The first mentions of this feature can be found in forums since early 2017. Google is constantly improving it, and now the pause message appears to a more extensive range of people.

How to disable ‘Continue Watching’ on YouTube

You won’t have the option to turn off this pop-up message in YouTube’s settings. However, as I said above, there are two ways to eliminate it.

Change your PC screen settings

The first thing you need to do is to disable the automatic entry of your PC into sleep mode.

  • Open Settings by pressing Win + I and go to System.
  • After that, select Power.
  • Then click Screen and sleep.
  • Finally, next to When plugged in, put my device to sleep after, select Never.

Install the YouTube NonStop extension

The next thing you should do is install the YouTube NonStop extension on your web browser. It’s available both on Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The plugin works on a simple principle – it detects a pop-up window with a notification and automatically clicks the “Continue Watching” button.

The extension doesn’t require any settings on your part. It’s enough to install it in your browser and then allow it to run in the background.

The pause may only last a few seconds while you listen while the extension confirms further browsing. However, it will be much shorter than if you go back to the website and click this button. The plugin works even when the YouTube tab runs in the background, and the browser window is minimized.

What are the privacy options on YouTube?

You can enable the incognito mode if you want to watch a video but don’t want it to be reflected in YouTube’s recommendations. It will allow you not to save the fact of viewing the account’s history. In the mobile app, you can do this by tapping on the profile picture and selecting the option Enable incognito. You can disable it in the same place.

In the web version, it’s a little more complicated: you have to click the three-line menu icon in the upper left corner, select History, and then Disable Browsing History, which appears on the right side of the screen. First, click on it, and then click on Pause in the confirmation window. To turn off the incognito mode, you will need to go to the same place and find the option Enable Browsing History.

It’s a little-known fact, but by default, YouTube shows lists of videos you like and channels you’re subscribed to anyone. If you want to keep this information to yourself, open the privacy settings and check the Keep all your favorite videos private and Keep all subscriptions private boxes.


  1. I always play it on my samsung tv. Any way i can stop it there? I can’t change my bandwith on it! It’s super annoying because it keeps pausing my music on youtube. Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks fot the question, Laura.
      You can stop it by disabling Roku’s Bandwidth Saver. Open your Roku TV’s Settings and select Network. Then select Bandwidth Saver and turn it off.
      Hope this helps you.


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