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How to return an Amazon Gift

Amazon is a great service where you can buy any items without some specific efforts in a few clicks. There are some cases when people don’t like the item which they have received, or they have received not their order, so what should you do in those cases? Surely, you can return your order.

Items that you’ve ordered on Amazon may be easily returned from the “Your Orders” page on the website or mobile app. In case you have received a gift from Amazon, it can also be easily returned. To do that, you should visit the Online Returns Center and fill in the order number from your gift receipt. 

It is important to know that Amazon may give you a ban in case if you return your orders too often.

What are the Amazon return qualifications 

  • Must be sold directly by Amazon. Your orders can only have all return benefits in case they were all done through the Amazon, as a lot of Amazon products are listed, processed, and sold by third parties.
  • Must say free returns on the product page. You can only return the item free without explaining anything, only if the item has a free returns explicit. Other products may be subject to shipping and restocking fees. 
  • Must be in original condition. You should return the product in that condition that it was when you have received it. All accessories, certificates of authenticity, and other such collateral should also be saved.
  • Must be within 30 days. Damaged, defective, or inaccurately described products should usually be available for full refunds after return, but within a 30-day time window.

How to return Amazon items

To start the process of returning, you should sign in to your account on the Amazon website, or open the Amazon Shopping mobile app.

  1. First of all, you should click on “Returns & Orders” which is located in the top-right corner of the Amazon website homepage. If you have entered the Amazon Shopping mobile app, you should tap on the three horizontal lines. 
  2. After that, you will see a window that will display a list of items that you have ordered during the period of your account usage. If you entered it through the computer, you should tap on the “Return or replace items” button to the right of the order. On the mobile app, you should click on the arrow “>” button, then press on “Return or replace items.”
  3. Then, you will see the nest screen where you will need to check the box next to the item(s) that you want to be returned. There, you should select a response in the drop-down under “Why are you returning this?” Maybe, you will have to fill in some additional information, it will depend on the type of the reason that will be chosen.
  4. Next, you should click on the yellow “Continue” button. After that, you will see the window where you will be asked whether you want to change your item to another one, or the option to have the cash refunded directly to you.
  5. To finish the process, you should confirm your choice. To do that, you should click on the yellow “Continue” button. You’ll be encouraged to print a return label. There will also be a choice between choosing whether you want to drop your re-packaged rescue at a UPS location or organizing a pickup. Note that UPS pickups are free if the error was Amazon’s, but these will have an added cost if the error was yours.

How to return a gift on Amazon

This process doesn’t require any special efforts. To do that, you should follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you should head to the Amazon Online Returns Center and go to the “Gift Returns” section near the center of the page.
  2. After that, you should fill in the “Order number” from your gift receipt and tap on “Search.” Note that if the item was not marked as a gift by the sender, you may be out of luck, but you can reach out to customer service for help.
  3. Then, you should tap on the checkbox next to the item(s) that you want to be returned from the gift, then, you should select a reason why you want to return the item and in the end, click on “Continue.”
  4. Next, you should click on the return method you wish to use: UPS pickup, drop off, or Amazon Locker.
  5. To finish the process, you should choose the method how you want to have your refund. It may be: cash directed to a card you have on file or credit to future Amazon purchases.

All in all, there is nothing complicated in this process.



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