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ConferencingHow to quote someone on Discord on PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android

How to quote someone on Discord on PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android

Discord is one of the most popular apps used by gamers around the world. First of all, this platform is designed specifically for gamer communication. In addition, you can stream, create servers, share various information, and much more.

Discord was launched in 2015. Nowadays, millions of gamers have come together to create communities around their favorite games, projects, and other ideas on the platform.

In addition to communicating via audio or video, you can also use chat. It offers gamers and other users all kinds of formatting features, such as bold, italics, underline, and others built into markdown. These additions help users express themselves better and ensure that Discord remains an individualized space.

Another interesting feature is also available in Discord. This is the quote feature. Discord’s work-oriented alternative, Slack, has this feature, as do several other chat apps. For a long time, Discord users were unlucky when it came to quoting other users, having to resort to using code blocks or sophisticated chatbots.

Fortunately, relatively recently, the developers of Discord have still added a built-in quote feature. So, here’s how to quote someone on Discord on PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android.

How to create single-line quotes on Discord

You can quote other Discord users using any device (iOS, Android, and desktop) using the same techniques.

Single-line quoting in Discord is used when you want to quote something that takes up only one line of text. This means that there will be no line breaks. And you don’t need to press “Enter” on your keyboard.

So, if you want to create a single-line quote on Discord, you have to type the “>” symbol.

After that, press the “Space” bar and enter your quote.

Finally, you can send this quote to the chat. Here’s what you should end up with.

How to create a multi-line quote on Discord

You can use multi-line quoting when you need to quote something that contains line breaks, such as a series of paragraphs. You can do this by simply typing “>” before each new paragraph you want to quote, although this can get tiresome after a while.

Alternatively, you can type “>>>” with a space at the beginning of your message so that whatever you type in that message becomes part of the quote. The only way to exit the quote is to send a message and start a new one, or press the backspace key “>>>”.

Such a quote would look as follows:

To make quotation marks single-line, press “Return” and then “Backspace” to return to normal text.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to add quotes to your Discord chat.

How to use code blocks to quote someone on Discord

You can still use the code block feature to achieve a very similar effect. Usually, this function is used to highlight code in a long list of lines, but since it’s so easy to do, you can also use it as a quotation feature. To do this, simply place the phrase you want to quote in the two backslash characters “`”.

For example, you can type:

Then, it will look like that in the Discord chat:

This will insert the phrase into a block of code. Although this isn’t ideal for those who need a quote, the format is incredibly similar. You can also make multi-line texts for texts that span several different levels.

However, despite the lack of a traditional quote method, some Discord administrators can install a bot that allows you to use quotes and other features. This bot will need to be added to each channel in which it will be used, but it’s worth the effort for those who want to quote others.

The Quotinator Bot and Quotes Bot are two examples of bots that you can add to your server. They are specifically designed for this function, but you may find that one of the bots you already have allows you to perform this feature.



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