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How to turn on subtitles on Sony TV

Video content is now so widespread that it can be watched in any environment and under any circumstances. TVs are getting smarter and have all the conveniences so you can easily and quickly find what you like. Sony has established its TV equipment as one of the highest quality on the market. Their TVs have many unique features and technologies.

So if you want to watch movies with subtitles, this option is naturally available. Moreover, if you have a Sony Smart TV you can have Closed Captioning in addition to subtitles – which is much better for people who often have no possibility to watch TV in silence or who have bad hearing. Now we will tell you the fastest way to turn on subtitles on Sony TV.

Why subtitles are important

Subtitles are text support for video images in the language of the original or translated, dubbing and supplementing (in the case of the viewer category with a hearing disability) the audio track of a movie, TV series, or TV program. Subtitles reflect the speech of the characters of a feature film, participants in a documentary or television program, as well as a variety of notes and remarks that are intended to clarify the time, place, and any individual characteristics of the actors, such as age, profession, position, place of work, etc.

On one hand, subtitles, which allow the viewer to hear the original voices of actors and their unique intonation, hear their unique voices and intonation, and also perceive the original sound atmosphere of the film, distract from the development of the story on the screen, require greater concentration and mastering the skills of reading moving text from the screen.

On the other hand, subtitling still has one advantage, and it’s an economic one.
It’s much cheaper to subtitle a film than to dub it. This means that subtitles allow large volumes of film and TV production to be prepared for broadcast rather quickly and without significant expenses, which is economically justified for those countries whose budgets don’t allow investing significant amounts in closed captioning and dubbing.

Another very important function of subtitles is to satisfy the need to perceive the content of a film or TV program for people with a hearing disability. In this case, subtitles help make the content of any kind accessible to viewers in this category.

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Is there a way to watch content on Sony TV with subtitles

Since subtitles are available on almost all broadcast and streaming platforms, there should be no problem watching your favorite shows on Sony TV with subtitles. There are, however, some movies or shows that do not have subtitles, but this is rare.

Basically, all streaming platforms have subtitles in their productions. It doesn’t depend on the TV itself, but on the platform, product, etc. But Sony TV themselves allow you to include subtitles and CC.

The difference between the latter and the subtitles is not much. The only difference is that CC adds other sounds and lyrics to the movies, etc.

However, what do you have to do to activate subtitles on your Sony TV, and can you watch a movie on a flash drive with subtitles? We’ll tell you more about that in a moment.

How to get subtitles on Sony TV

To begin with, you need to understand that Sony TV has two kinds of subtitles – digital and analog. The latter are suitable if you don’t have a set-top box or cable. You can adjust them through Settings, which may also differ in appearance depending on the model of your Sony TV.

In order to configure the digital subtitles (which you can customize in color, size, font, etc.), follow these steps:

  • Launch the TV menu
  • Select Preferences, and navigate to Setup – it’s one of the options on the right
  • Go down to Closed Captioning (CC) in the main window and choose Caption Vision. This option can be Advanced or Basic, and there are two additional features
  • Choose Digital CC: CC1 or Digital CC Options.

And if you want to set up analog subtitles, it is better to use CC1 profile, as it’s almost always ideal for analog broadcasts. If it doesn’t work, try CC2, CC3, and CC4 options. As for the other settings, they need to be formatted to CC Display: ON and Analog CC1 (or any other profile you like).

Generally, almost all modern TVs support subtitles and have the CC button located on the remote control. Try pressing it to quickly activate the subtitle on your TV.

How to turn on Subtitles on a Sony LCD Bravia

This model of Sony TV is not related to Smart TV, but you can also watch some TV programs and movies with subtitles on it. It all depends on whether the broadcast is subtitled or not. Here’s how you can turn on CC on your Sony TV with the remote:

  • Turn on your Sony Bravia LCD TV and tune in to a broadcast that supports closed captioning.
  • Locate the “CC” button on your remote control. This button’s location varies depending on the Bravia model, but it is clearly labeled “CC.”
  • Point the remote at the Bravia TV and press the “CC” button until you see “On” or “On When Muting” displayed on the screen. “On” always displays subtitles, but “On When Muting” only displays subtitles when you press the “Mute” button.

Although the remote control may not always be reliable, there is still an option to enable subtitles without it.

  • Press the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  • Press the navigational arrows to highlight “Setup Settings” and press the center button to select it.
  • Select “Closed Captioning (CC).”
  • Select either “On” or “On When Muting” to turn on subtitles.
  • Press the “Menu” button to exit the menu.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and quick.

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How to watch movies with subtitles on Sony Bravia TV via USB

What about when you bought a movie, put the it to a flash drive, and want to watch it on your non-Smart TV with the guests at a party? Plus you know you’ll need subtitles, however, they’re not in the movie? Then there’s the option of downloading the subtitles separately:

  • Download the movie file in .mp4 or .mkv format, if it is not available in the specified video formats, then use any video converter to do that.
  • Download the subtitles file in .srt format.
  • Rename both videos and subtitles files so that file names look exactly similar except for the extensions of the files.
  • Open the subtitles file in Notepad++ and change the encoding type to UTF-8 and save the file.
  • Keep both video and subtitles files in the same folder before copying them to USB.
  • Now insert the USB or flash drive into your Sony TV and play the movie.
  • When the Movie is playing, press the CC/subtitle button on your TV remote. You can turn ON or turn OFF subtitles using the same button.
  • By now you will see subtitles on the TV screen, if not please follow the steps below.
  • Now press the options button on your TV remote and select the subtitles option.
  • In the subtitles option, select Encoding and then select UTF-8 encoding type.

Now you know how to watch videos with subtitles on any Sony TV. Try customizing them and share your feedback in the comments!



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