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How to fix if you can’t find the YouTube app on Samsung TV

Modern Samsung TVs are very sophisticated and smart devices. They are built into a small computer that can run applications and various additional tools and improve the picture that the Samsung TV receives. However, as in any operating system, Samsung TV has bugs and problems. And some “bugs” are just the manufacturer’s decision, which behaves very strangely about users. For example, some users of older Samsung Smart TVs found that they could no longer find the YouTube app on their TV.

The most frustrating thing about this situation is that it is now impossible to download the app. It has simply disappeared from some users’ Samsung TVs. Therefore, many people wonder how to find the missing YouTube app. Unfortunately, the short answer to that is no way. Samsung has removed the app from some of their older Samsung Smart TVs. Of course, there are some tips to help you watch YouTube, but it will not be very convenient and may require you to buy additional devices. Let’s find out why this happened and what you can do about it.

Why can’t you see YouTube on your Samsung TV?

As mentioned above, the absence of YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV is not a bug or error. If you can’t find YouTube in the app store, your Samsung Smart TV will likely stop supporting it. The thing is that YouTube stopped supporting Flash quite a while ago. For this reason, some older devices, such as old Samsung TVs and even some Blu-ray players and set-top boxes, have now lost the YouTube app, as they only had the Flash YouTube app.

It is worth mentioning that this problem affects not only older versions of Samsung Smart TV but any Smart TV that only supports the Flash YouTube app. In the case of Samsung Smart TV, this problem usually concerns Smart TVs released before 2017 and do not have a Tizen operating system.

As already mentioned, this problem is not new, and Samsung has not yet commented on whether they will return the ability to view YouTube for such users. I’d say it’s more likely that you’ve lost the YouTube app for good. This is because it makes no sense for the company to release any additional applications or fixes for outdated TV. Samsung wants you to buy a new Smart TV. However, if you have an old Samsung TV and the application is still there, and it works, then I do not recommend updating the software; maybe you are lucky, and YouTube still lives on your Samsung TV.

How can you fix YouTube not showing up on Samsung TV?

Let’s also discuss what you can do to get YouTube on your old Samsung Smart TV. As I said before, I have some tips for this case, but I warn you that they may not be too convenient. You can try each of them to find the one that works best for you.

Open YouTube using a Built-in Browser

Most, even older Samsung Smart TVs have a built-in browser with which you can open various websites and services. Including the Web Browser, you can go to the web version of YouTube. Of course, this can work if the browser also uses Flash, which YouTube has already abandoned. In that case, skip to the next tip hack.

Use AirPlay

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can run YouTube on your device and mirror the screen on your Samsung Smart TV. Of course, not all TVs have AirPlay, but most Samsung TVs do. In addition, you will need to have your Samsung TV and Apple device connected to the same access point. Among the disadvantages, I can highlight that you must constantly charge your iPhone or iPad.

Use a set-top box or a third-party device

On all Samsung Smart TVs, you can find an HDMI connection port. You can use this to connect a third-party device to your Samsung TV. For example, an Apple TV set-top box or Roku. You can also connect a laptop or game console and start YouTube. This is an excellent way to save money when buying a new Smart TV. You can buy a regular TV with good sound and pictures; buy a set-top box for the saved money. In most cases, you’ll even stay in the black since manufacturers ask for a significant surcharge for Smart TVs.



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