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GuidesCan you share YouTube TV in different houses?

Can you share YouTube TV in different houses?

More and more companies today are starting to launch their streaming services. It’s convenient and easy, which is why many people prefer regular TV to streaming services. However, there are also unique offerings where video on demand is combined with traditional TV channels. One such offering is YouTube TV. It is a streaming service from Google where you can access many TV channels, including some of the most popular channels, video on demand, or your recordings, which you can do while the channels are available.

However, we’re all looking for ways to save money sometimes. For example, many users prefer to share one account with two or more people to save money on subscriptions. Many companies try to fight against such users because they are interested in each person paying for a separate subscription. That’s why many people have a question: Is it possible to use YouTube TV on different devices in different homes so that you can share a subscription with your friends? Let’s figure out how it works and what you’ll pay.

Is it possible to share YouTube TV in different houses?

Let’s deal with whether you can share an account between people in different houses. According to the rules of using YouTube TV, you are not allowed to do with other users of your account. So if the system notices that you use YouTube TV often from different devices and several locations simultaneously, you can get banned. This means that your account will be banned for violating the terms of use, and you will not be able to access the content you paid for.

So I advise you not to use one account for many people. Of course, there is a chance that you can use it and nobody will notice anything, but otherwise, you can lose your money. Another thing is if you want to use the account with your flatmate or family. If you all use the devices in one place, there should be no problem, but it will still be considered a violation.

Regarding legal ways to share YouTube TV in the same house, I can recommend a family subscription. If you are planning to use YouTube TV with people who don’t live in your house, there are no completely legal ways; you can come to the point of getting your account blocked anyway. The only legal way is to set up two subscriptions for each user.

What is YouTube TV Family Subscription

Let me also tell you about how the YouTube TV family subscription works. This subscription implies that members of the same family will use it and can pay a little less for the service. The monthly cost of a YouTube TV family subscription is $64.99/month. This is essentially the same subscription as a regular subscription, but you can include up to 6 accounts of your family members to use YouTube TV together. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this method is limited because you all have to live in the same house. Other than that, there are other advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the pros. Here, of course, you can highlight that if you pay for a subscription together, you can save a lot of money. Also, a big plus is that everyone will have his account. This means that you will form your recommendations, records, and watchlist. You can also configure your account and the app to your needs, and settings will not affect the work of YouTube TV for other family members. In addition, of course, a massive advantage of a paid YouTube subscription is the ability to listen to videos or TV channels even on a locked screen.

Let’s also talk about the disadvantages of such a subscription. The most important thing I would single out is that only 3 of 6 accounts can use streaming simultaneously. This means that only three users can watch YouTube TV simultaneously. This is a significant disadvantage if you have a large family and you all want to watch your favorite shows simultaneously in the evening. Also, among the disadvantages, as I’ve already mentioned, is that the family plan YouTube TV only works for people who live together (according to the rules of use).

However, if you do not live with a host of YouTube TV services, you will still have the service working if you connect to the family plan. And to avoid being banned, you will need to visit the host from time to time and use YouTube TV in their house. Thus, you can cheat YouTube TV and use the Family Subscription YouTube TV living in different houses.



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