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FixHow to fix Google Photos not downloading videos

How to fix Google Photos not downloading videos

In the days of smartphones, we can easily save photos, videos, and files not only in our pockets but also in special clouds that sync with other devices. In case we lose our phone, our files can be downloaded from another computer or phone without losing all the accumulated material.

This function is provided by Google, more precisely Google Drive or Google Photos. There, in the volume of 15 GB, you can download and back up your files. But what happens when you want to download photos or videos from Google Photos to your phone? How do you do it?

How to download videos from Google Photos

Depending on how you have organized folders and photos/videos, you can upload both folders with different files and videos/photos separately. The methods are slightly different on Android and iPhone. There is also a way to download all, literally all files from the cloud to your Android. But more about that later.

Download photos and videos to Android:

  • Open Google Photos on your Android device, but first make sure you’re connected to WiFi
  • Select a file and the three dot menu icon
  • Select Download
  • Repeat for all items you want to download

This method works well if you just have a few items you want to download. Otherwise, it might be easier to sort them into folders.

Download a folder to your phone:

  • Open Google Photos from your device
  • Select a folder and the three dot menu icon
  • Select Download

Note: the folder will be downloaded as a .zip file so you should decompress it for it to be able for opening on your phone.

Download photos and videos from Google Photos to an iPhone:

  • Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone
  • Select the three dot menu icon next to the file or folder you want to download
  • Select Open In and select an appropriate app on your phone

Then a copy of the image or video will be saved onto your phone and opened in the app you selected. Furthermore, you can also manually download the file without opening it.

  • Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone
  • Select the three dot menu icon and select Send a Copy
  • Cjoose Save Image or Save Video from the menu

How to download everything from Google Drive

If you decide to reset your phone to factory defaults, you may want to upload all your files to the cloud in order to get them back in one click. For this purpose, there is a Google Takeout program that allows you to easily restore contacts, photos, and videos after a reset.

  • Open Google Takeot and log in
  • Select all the elements from the page you want to download
  • Select Next Step at the bottom
  • Choose how you want to receive your download and have Google send the link
  • Access the link from your phone using Wi-Fi and download your data

How to fix Google Photos won’t download videos

Sometimes it happens that a particular video cannot be uploaded from Google Photos. There is a solution and it is not obvious, so follow the guide:

  • Open a file manager on your phone and go to the Downloads folder
  • Look for a .nomedia file and delete it
  • Retry your download

A .nomedia file is supposed to stop the system from scanning folders with no relevant data in them. They are also used for hiding apps or images from the system too. 



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