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Many Yahoo users encounter a similar problem with photos not showing up in their emails. If you encounter such a problem, there is nothing wrong with it and you should not panic about it. All problems with services or apps are always solved and Yahoo is no exception. There can be many reasons for this error and in this article, we will show you the main why images disappear from your mailbox and how to solve this problem.

Why Yahoo is blocking images in your emails

Some Yahoo users must have faced a situation when they received an email with a photo or a picture from distant relatives or friends, and the picture in this email wasn’t displayed. The reason for this is a special tool which is implemented in Yahoo mail. The purpose of the tool is that it filters the images, preventing the automatic uploading of photos. In this way, Yahoo protects you from spam or from unwanted images for you. This tool is enabled by default when you create a new account, so the question of disabling this setting is always relevant.

How to solve the problem with not displaying pictures

First of all, reload the page, more than half of the problems with loading images are due to a failure to load the web page. If reloading the page doesn’t help, try to go to Yahoo through a private viewing session.
Don’t be frightened if you have an image and Yahoo says “This message contains blocked images”. This problem is very easy to solve, and now we’ll tell you how.

  • First, go to your Yahoo account
  • Select {Settings} on right side of the screen:
  • At the bottom select: {More Settings}
  • Select {Viewing email} on the left sidebar, and select the option {Always, except in spam folder}:

What to do if nothing happened after changing the settings

If after the above tips you still can’t see the photos you’ve sent, try to:

  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Disable all your browser plugins, maybe Yahoo doesn’t work with your browser.
  • Check if the java script is active on the Yahoo web site.

Additional reasons why images may not display:

  • The image has a format that Yahoo Mail cannot display.
  • The link in the email may refer to a file that is no longer on the host server.
  • The image you were sent may be referring to a relative URL.

If all of the above methods didn’t help, you can contact the responsive Yahoo support team here. You have the option to write them on their live chat or just leave a request with your problem, in the request you can specify the setup steps that you have done, this will help the support team to solve your problem faster.


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