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AndroidHow to fix Android device screen flickering

How to fix Android device screen flickering

Quietly often Android smartphone/tablet owners are faced with blinking displays. In order not to carry your gadget to the service center, you need to know the possible causes of the problem. As well as ways to fix them at home.

There may be several reasons for the display blinking or flickering. The malfunction can be either software or hardware. Video content “jumps” and other unpleasant deviations in the image often occur due to mechanical damage to the mobile device.

The main element of a smartphone is the display. Yes, it’s not responsible for processing data, but it’s the screen that allows the user to get acquainted with the information. Therefore, any problems that arise with the display, cause a lot of anxiety for owners of mobile devices.

What causes Android device screen flickering

Quite often people complain that the display itself starts to flicker. And the flicker can be very different.

Too often this problem is caused by moisture inside the device. Most cases of display instability are caused by this factor. Such a problem can only be solved by replacing the touch panel or the display as a whole.

However, having found such a malfunction, do not despair. Often the display starts flashing due to a software failure. It is much easier to fix such a defect than a hardware malfunction.

Here are the most popular causes of screen flickering:

  • Damage to the screen.
  • Problems with battery operation.
  • Software failure.
  • Problem with the video controller.

When the screen flickers, it’s difficult for a person to concentrate on watching content. This type of flickering is particularly annoying when the display is deprived of backlighting for a fraction of a second.

In turn, the variant when the display flickers without turning off the backlight is the most harmful. In this case, people’s eyes begin to get tired quickly – the feeling of “sand” in the eyes, next is a strong headache.

Obviously, one should try to solve the flicker problem as quickly as possible. But in order to do this, it’s advisable to first take into account the full range of causes that lead to the matrix malfunction.

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How to deal with damaged screen

If the screen flickers after the phone have come into contact with water or has been dropped seriously, it may be damaged. You should contact a qualified technician at a service center with this problem. On your own replacing the screen is difficult because you need to have special equipment.

There are situations when the problem appeared after replacing the screen. In this case, you must also contact the service center to diagnose the device and fix it.

What should you do if the reason is faulty battery

Quite often users dismiss all causes except mechanical damage to the gadget. In reality, flickering or streaking can appear due to a weak battery. The problem is associated with a loss of power, especially when the battery has been in use for several years.

This option can be easily checked. It’s enough to connect the gadget to the charger and look at the screen while charging. If all image problems are gone, then the cause is related to battery power.

The way out is to use a different battery. Insert the new battery into the gadget and check if the screen flickers. It’s advisable to buy the battery from specialized stores and check its originality.

If your device has a non-removable battery, you can only buy a new device.

What about software failure

First, users are advised to check what brightness level is set on the device. If you are using automatic brightness mode, the gadget will constantly adjust it.

The screen will dim every 2 to 4 seconds. If you have a constantly decreasing or increasing brightness, then set the necessary parameter in the settings.

If the screen functions normally in quiet mode, but when you start tapping on it, the device lights up in different colors, check some of the options. It’s likely that the functions that show have been activated:

  • Screen update.
  • Window update.
  • Hardware updates.

In order to fix this:

  • Select “Settings” on your phone.
  • Press “Additional Settings.”
  • At the bottom, find the “Developer options” tab.
  • Find the “Drawing” section.
  • Press “Show surface updates”.
  • In the window that appears disable all of the above functions.

The phone may also flicker due to hidden software glitches, OS clogging, and virus activity. The user is recommended to clean the phone, and roll it back to the factory settings.

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Problem with the video controller

The graphics subsystem provides the picture output to the screen of the gadget. It consists of the processor, memory, and “wrapping”. If any element on the chip is broken, then the screen appears with stripes, flickering, interference, and other problems.

In this situation, it’s also not recommended to do the repair yourself. Only professionals are able to repair the screen and not damage the video controller.

To summarize, it’s quite difficult to detect screen malfunction. The cause is not only severe mechanical damage and partial failure of the software but also problems with the battery or battery charger. The battery loses power over time and causes unpleasant consequences in the form of flickering or “flickering” displays.

The only true solution, in this case, will visit the service center, where with the help of special equipment will hold a complete diagnosis of the device and identify the root cause of the failure. And most likely, you will replace the screen module with a new complete set.

Of course, you can repair the phone yourself, but, please note that without the proper knowledge and practice, the smartphone could be completely out of order, without the possibility of recovery.



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