As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to find ATMs near you on Google Maps

As someone who travels often and never wants to be caught without cash, I’ve learned to rely on Google Maps to find ATMs quickly and easily. It’s the perfect tool for finding an ATM in an unfamiliar city, and it’s saved me from more than a few sticky situations.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the steps to find ATMs near you on Google Maps. We’ll cover everything from searching for ATMs with specific features to checking their availability, avoiding fees, and leaving reviews for other users. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just looking for emergency cash, Google Maps makes it simple to locate the nearest ATM.

How to check ATMs nearby on Google Maps

I am temporarily living in Warsaw, which is the capital of Poland. Although the country is quite developed and almost everywhere accepts bank cards, many stores and restaurants still prefer to take cash. That’s why for me, it’s a real challenge always to find ATMs in my neighborhood. Google Maps helps me a lot. Let me explain how it works:

  • Open Google Maps and click on the location button to center the map on where you are.
  • Then scroll through the list of suggested options under the search bar and select ATMs (Or type ATM in the search bar).
  • Google Maps will display all the ATMs that are located in the city. You need to zoom in to the area where you are looking for an ATM and then click on the Search in this area button to let Google Maps show you ATMs around you or in the area you are looking for.
  • Then select the most convenient ATM and press Directions to have your device navigate to it.

Please note that not all ATMs are still listed on Google Maps. Also, I’ve often encountered the problem that Google Maps doesn’t display the location of ATMs correctly. For example, it can be on the other side of the building or even across the street from its location on the map. If you don’t see an ATM where it’s supposed to be, it’s always a good idea to look around for signs that indicate it’s there.

What you should know when you are looking for an ATM in a new country

When I get to a place or country where I am for the first time, it makes sense to learn some extra details about it before making my way to a random ATM. It may turn out that this ATM, for example, does not accept cards you have with you, or it may be unavailable at night. Let me list the points that I use daily:

Finding ATMs with specific features

If you have specific requirements for an ATM, such as needing an accessible machine, a drive-thru ATM, or a machine that dispenses a particular currency, you can use Google Maps to filter your search results. To do this, click the “Filter” button at the top of the search results page and select the features you’re looking for.

Checking ATM availability

It’s always a good idea to check if an ATM is available before you use it. Google Maps can help you with this, too. Some banks and ATM providers have added real-time information to their machines, allowing you to see if an ATM is currently in service, out of cash, or undergoing maintenance. Look for the “Live View” feature on the ATM information window to check the availability of the machine.

Avoiding ATM fees

If you’re trying to avoid ATM fees, Google Maps can help you find free ATMs. Use the search bar to look for ATMs at your bank or credit union or look for machines labeled “surcharge-free” or “fee-free.” You can also use Google Maps to find nearby retailers or businesses that offer cash back when you make a purchase with your debit card, which can help you avoid ATM fees altogether.

Reviewing ATM locations

If you’ve used an ATM you found through Google Maps, consider leaving a review of the location to help other users. You can rate the ATM and leave comments about your experience, which can be helpful for others who are looking for a reliable machine. You can also use Google Maps to find reviews of ATMs before you visit them, giving you more information about the quality of the machines and the surrounding area.

How to protect yourself when using an ATM in another country

When I travel, I always worry about my safety. You must admit that the most unpleasant thing that can happen to you in a foreign city or another country is finding yourself without money and your card. I have found some simple solutions to help you keep your money safe while withdrawing it from an ATM.

Use ATMs in well-lit and populated areas

When using an ATM in a foreign country, it’s important to use machines in well-lit and populated areas. Avoid using ATMs in secluded or dark areas, as they may be more vulnerable to theft or fraud.

Check the ATM for signs of tampering

Before using an ATM, inspect the machine for any signs of tampering, such as loose or broken parts. If you notice anything suspicious, don’t use the machine and report it to the bank or authorities.

Cover the keypad when entering your PIN

When entering your PIN at an ATM, cover the keypad with your hand or a piece of paper to prevent anyone from seeing your code.

Use ATMs inside bank branches

If possible, use ATMs that are located inside bank branches. These machines are typically more secure and less likely to be tampered with than standalone ATMs on the street.

Use your bank’s ATM network

Using your bank’s ATM network in a foreign country can help avoid additional fees and charges. Check with your bank before you travel to see if they have any partner banks in the country you’re visiting.

Be aware of common scams

Be aware of common ATM scams in the country you’re visiting, such as skimming devices or fake ATMs. If you’re unsure about the authenticity of a machine, don’t use it and report it to the bank or authorities.

Keep an eye on your account

After using an ATM in a foreign country, monitor your account for suspicious activity. Report any unauthorized transactions to your bank immediately.

These simple precautions have saved me more than once from dangerous situations where I could have fallen for fraudsters’ tricks. I would say that you should be most careful in disadvantaged areas at night and always carefully check the keypad where you enter the pin codes so that it does not turn out to be fake.



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