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How to disable offline mode in Google Chrome

Many people faced that case when you need to view some websites urgently, but you don’t have an Internet connection. In these cases, we can continue our reading through offline mode. The information below will help to understand how to enable and disable offline mode in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome gives you the ability to improve the browser so that you can take full advantage of them. Such is the case of the offline mode with which you can save the websites you visit and view them later when you do not have the ability to access the Internet from your computer or mobile phone.

What is offline mode in Google Chrome

An offline mode is an option that the Google Chrome browser offers to view the content of pages on a certain web without access to the Internet. With this mode, the browser creates a local cache and stores the places we visited to show them later when we do not have an Internet connection.

Although from a certain position it could also be useful to save data when browsing with Google Chrome.

How does offline mode work in Google Chrome

Every time you visit a website, the information from that website will be stored in cache memory. Therefore, you can take advantage of the offline mode to quickly access the information offered by the page that you had visited on another occasion.

Important information about the offline mode in Google Chrome

The content of the web page remains in the cache until you clear the browser Downloads. You should also know that the offline mode is disabled by default and this causes that it is recommended to enable it if you want to take advantage of it.

How to enable offline mode in Google Chrome from your computer

If you want to enable offline mode in Google Chrome from your computer, you must go to the browser’s address bar and paste this command: chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode. We accept the “Enable” option and restart the browser. In this way, the offline mode is activated.

How to enable offline mode in Google Chrome from mobile phone

If you want the function to be enabled on your mobile phone, look for the three points which are located in the upper right part of the browser, after that a menu will be displayed. Click on the second icon (the down arrow with a dash) and, then, the content of the website that you are viewing will be downloaded.

Next, a message will appear to “Open” the content that was saved. If you do this action you will be able to see the web page that you have previously visited and the message “viewing an offline copy of this page”. After doing this, you will be able to access all the pages that you store from the “Downloads” option within the Google Chrome menu.

How to disable offline mode in Google Chrome

If you want to disable offline mode in Google Chrome you should click on the browser’s address bar and paste the command chrome://flags/#disable-offline-mode. Accept the “disable” option and then restart Chrome.

Keep in mind that this configuration can also be done with specific applications or platforms. For example, you can configure offline mode offline in Gmail.

How do you remove the websites that you downloaded on your phone

You should go to “Downloads” found in the browser menu in order to remove the websites that you no longer need.. There you can view the list of all the pages you saved previously. To delete, click on the site until the “delete” icon appears at the top of the screen.

What are advantages of no internet mode in Chrome

The offline mode gives you an opportunity to be able to quickly access your favorite websites even in those places where there is an internet connection or when you don’t want to waste data. Moreover, it allows you to have at hand all the content you want in one place and eliminate them when you try to clean your browser.



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