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StreamingFire TVHow to disable ads on Hulu explained

How to disable ads on Hulu explained

Commercials have never been pleasant, especially when watching your favorite show. It can also be too loud and generally annoying. In this article, you’ll learn a few ways to turn off ads or minimize them.

It’s true that the best and guaranteed method from advertising would be to purchase a monthly plan, but there are options where avoiding annoying commercials and windows is completely free.

The most proven way was and still is the ad-block app and how to use it you will learn a little later after reading this article. Also, you will learn how to remove ads by changing the DNS and you will be lucky that the host can become a premium Hulu account.

How to get rid of ads on Hulu with ad-blocking apps

For those who use Hulu on a PC, AdBlock Plus is a great option. This browser extension works by replacing ad windows with blank bars and windows. Yes, it does not completely remove ads, but rather hides them so that they do not disturb the eye.

Sometimes when you use this application, some videos may not load. In this case, you should try enabling the “Pause on this site only” option. The disadvantage is that the ads are likely to return.

But those who watch their favorite movies on TV through Hulu can try an app called Blokada. The program works in about the same way as any other AdBlock application. At the same time, it is available on Android and iOS, so there should be no problems with downloading from the store.

Or if you can’t find a download through the store, try downloading Blokada from the built-in browser.

Is changing DNS worth a try

If the previous options did not help, do not get upset, as Hulu users have long tried the option to change the DNS. The method allows changing DNS address to another server where ad-blocking is present. So there is no need to download additional utilities, etc.

So that you can understand how it works and try this option yourself, you can start by using the AdGuard DNS service. But it’s up to you which service to use. Follow these instructions to change your DNS address:

  • Go to the Settings and navigate to the “My Fire TV
  • Choose the About option and scroll down to the Network option
  • Make photo or take a screenshot of your options, it will come in handy layer
  • Go back to the Settings and select your device’s network settings
  • Click Forget to disconnect from your network
  • Then find and choose your Wi-Fi network and enter a password. Do not connect right after
  • Enter your IP address by selecting the advanced button and using the previous info you have saved
  • Do the same while entering detail meant for the Prefix. If it’s not mentioned use 24 or Gateway sections
  • Enter these specific numbers in the next DNS section: Primary DNS – 176. 103. 130. 130 and Secondary DNS – 176. 103. 130. 131

Note: be careful while entering your password and don’t connect to unknown hotspots!

What are additional options

When you are on a PC there is also an option to refresh the page. Yes, this will not remove the ads and pop-ups, but it can reduce their duration. It is worth remembering that the duration of ads depends on the timing of the video you watch and sometimes ads can be super long. Now you know how to shorten it.

Try and experiment with these options and enjoy your movie sessions without spontaneous breaks.



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