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TVsSamsung TVsSamsung model UN32J4000AF: Does it worth buying?

Samsung model UN32J4000AF: Does it worth buying?

In this article, you will learn about the Samsung UN32J4000 and its pros and cons, and whether it is worth buying. In general, the TV can be characterized as a good enough performer for its price category. Its grayscale balance, good color reproduction, and good viewing angle make it an excellent option to buy. Although there are some problems with the balance of the dark levels, which gives a disappointing contrast.

And here is where it gets a little frustrating that you won’t be able to set it up the way you want. That is, the TV has only limited settings, and the movie mode is the only solution to this problem, where you can play with the levels of backlight for a pleasant viewing experience in different lighting in the room.

Nothing superfluous – this is about Samsung UN32J4000

What should be noted is the simplicity of this model. Literally, will not find smart features, 3D, contrast/motion enhancement software, or any other fancy accessories that pricier TVs have. It doesn’t even support this kind of primitive Full HD (1080p). Instead, you get 720p (1,366 x 768) resolution.

But other things are good in this TV, such as the decent color palette and a good viewing angle for this model. Yes, other models in this price range have a better contrast ratio, Samsung UN32J4000 does not succeed in this at all, but it provides everything else for you to watch movies and shows. For its price, it copes with this task quite well.

If you compare with other models, for about the same price (or around $220) with the same size in 32 inches, you can consider the Sharp LC-32LE551U LED TV. The latter is good in performance and has a higher resolution – Full HD (1080p) than its competitor.

Is the exterior of the TV modern enough

For such a TV in the low price range, it has an original design that cannot fail to please. Its point of interest is the rounded panel perches placed on both sides. This makes this model unique among its competitors. The frame is a little bit wide nowadays, but overall it looks good and even stylish.

The rear panel contains the audio and video ports: two HDMI inputs, one USB 2.0 input, shared component/composite inputs, digital (optical) audio out, and a coaxial jack for cable/satellite connections. It is a little inconvenient that for such a size TV all ports are not moved to the side panel, but it’s just an excuse. Otherwise, it is quite a standard set for this model.

On the other side, you can hang the model with VESA on the wall. It will be easy to do, as the TV is not heavy – a little over eight pounds when fully assembled.

The TV comes with remote control with standard buttons for things like picture size adjustment, source information, and rockers for channel/volume adjustment.

Will it be easy to set up the Samsung UN32J4000

Some budget TV models ask you to fully configure the OTA channels before use, but this does not apply to the Samsung UN32J4000. Its simple software will allow you to speed up the setup process or skip it altogether.

The interface is immediately recognizable, readable, and understandable to anyone. There will not be anything unnecessary, though additional features such as Auto Motion Plus (for motion smoothing), LED Clear Motion (backlight shuttering), or local dimming functions should not be expected either.

But you can find three picture modes: Dynamic, Movie, and Standard.

The TV does not offer color or white balance settings, but you can experiment with audio, like sound modes and various settings for the optical audio out port.

Not a bad picture quality for such a price

Contrast is the biggest disadvantage of this model and it does not even compete with other LED TVs in this field. During the film session, the picture is bright enough, but the black levels do not reach the level of more expensive models. So be aware of this when buying. But what is nice is the good color range. The Samsung UN32J4000 might be one of the few of its kind that provides accurate color reproduction, while other models often have a blue tinge bias. But it is not possible to adjust the preferrable color palette. The only option to change something is only through the already installed mode – Movie mode.

Also, if you play video games and want to use this TV as a monitor, you should know that this model has a 60 Hz refresh rate and 1,366 x 768 resolution. Also, if you play video games and want to use this TV as a monitor, you should know that this model has a 60 Hz refresh rate. This means if you need more refresh rate, it is not a good option. But for watching movies and shows it is fine.

Because of the resolution of 1,366 x 768 pins this model is not really suitable even for surfing the Internet, because the picture and the text on the websites will be a bit stretched.

Also worth noting small traces of backlight during dark scenes (due, again, to the poor quality of black levels). Therefore, it is better to watch movies, not in complete darkness. On the other hand, the J4000 also performs notably well in terms of luminance falloff versus APL (average picture level), and sharply changing contrast scenes will not make you uncomfortable.

The nicest thing this model has to offer is its horizontal viewing flexibility. At an angle of 45 degrees, the TV provides a great picture.

Is Samsung UN32J4000 worth buying

This TV is a budget model, but quite a decent performer by its features. So it all depends on your preferences. As an older generation TV, it fulfills its basic functions, is easy to use, transmits color, and audio well. But at the same time, it lacks more advanced settings, and the contrast leaves much to be desired.



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