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GuidesHow much does TikTok take from gifts (what is the TikTok commission)

How much does TikTok take from gifts (what is the TikTok commission)

Tiktok is a social media platform that has gained popularity since 2020. There are many millions of users every day who use TikTok for living making or entertaining, even though a few regions, like India and Pakistan, have banned it. Definitely, each user while watching someone’s live stream, has at least once noticed certain stickers.

Some time ago, Tiktok has been known as Musical.ly. Musical.ly was a very popular short-film video streaming and sharing app. Those videos had a specific limit, it used to be up to 15 seconds in duration. TikTok is also called “Douyin” in China. The developer of TikTok is Byte Dance. This app’s initial release date is September 2016 and the regular release date is 31 March 2020. TikTok has provided its users with 40 languages.

How the cost of TikTok gifts is calculated 

Online content creation has gained huge popularity in last years. As it’s a great way to earn money and entertain yourself at the same time. Nowadays, influencers and content creators have a great opportunity to make living in various ways – the most common one being ad revenue. Moreover, it’s also possible to receive money via donations from faithful followers. One of the most popular examples of these donations is TikTok gifts. 

TikTok gifts are donations followers give to influencers. They come in many forms and cost a varying amount of TikTok coins per gift. If you want to know how much does TikTok gift points worth, you can read our article.

The TikTok gifts that are received by the creators can be converted into Diamonds, which can be transferred to cash. This’s the way many influencers earn income and how fans can show their appreciation to content creators they like. However, do note that because TikTok gifts cost coins, it will cost real-world money to purchase them.

If you want to buy TikTok gifts to donate to your favorite creators, you should make sure you have bought coins first. These coins are the app’s virtual currency and can be used to get gifts and services like promos and shoutouts.

If you want to buy coins, you’d be required to use the payment details associated with your Google Play or Apple account. Make sure you already have an active account before purchasing coins within the app.

When buying coins, it helps to know already how much each coin bundle costs in the US. So, below you may see a table:


The cost of TikTok gifts can be calculated based on how many coins and Diamonds they’re equal to. One of the disadvantages is that it may be a little bit confusing to calculate due to the multiple conversions involved. Moreover, TikTok has not published its conversion metrics. One of the most popular gifts is a Rose gift, you can read how much it is worth. One more gift is a Planet, there’s also some information about how much it is worth.

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How to cash out TikTok diamonds

If you’re a TikTok creator, you can earn Diamonds in many different ways. It’s important to be aware that withdrawing out the earned Diamonds has minimum requirements. For example, the minimum withdrawal should be $100. It means, that if there’s less money on your balance, you won’t be able to cash it out. In addition to this, there’s a $1,000 weekly limit to withdrawals, so you won’t be able to cash out more than $4,000 monthly.

Furthermore, it’s only available to withdraw cash to a PayPal account. You won’t be able to withdraw your balance to the bank or any other online wallet. It means you should connect your PayPal account to your TikTok account first before starting the withdrawal process. there are some cases when TikTok doesn’t accept your PayPal information, fortunately, we know how to fix that.

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How to check your TikTok analytics and stats

You should definitely grasp more followers to increase your analytics and stats.

To check your TikTok analytics and stats, you’ll need to upgrade to a Pro account. Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t allow regular users access to its analytics section. If you’re out there to promote a brand and are still using a standard account, you should definitely get a Pro account today.

To view TikTok analytics and stats will open you should do some steps below:

  • Get down to your profile page and tap on the three dots which are located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will open your settings page.
  • Click on the “Manage My Account” section.
  • Select “Switch to Pro Account.”
  • TikTok will ask you to choose your account type. Two options will be displayed: Creator and Business
  • Select the type that best matches your content.
  • In the end, you should verify your email to finish the upgrade. If you are not able to access your mail, you may select the “Use phone” option to receive a text message instead.

If you’ve done those steps, your account will be upgraded. Note that the history will be recorded from the moment you have changed the type of your account. This means you can’t track analytics for your activity from the beginning of your regular account. It will take the app around seven days before it starts showing the insights. TikTok is collecting data for your account during this time.

Once you have everything set up, you can access your Analytics page by following the steps below:

Using mobile:

  1. First, you should go to your profile on TikTok.
  2. Then find the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner and click on them.
  3. You’ll see the “Analytics” section towards the end of your Account settings list. Click to have an access to your analytics and stats.
  4. Choose the “View Analytics” option.

There are three types of data that would be displayed in your analytics: account overview, content insights, and follower insights.

Profile overview analytics

Here, you’ll be able to track your video and profile views and your follower count. You can view data here for the past week or month.

If you want to see the views of your videos in the given time frame, you have an opportunity to do that at the top of the overview tab. Under it, you’ll see the total number of followers for the particular period.

For example, you can see that your video post from last Friday as a consequence increased the number of followers for that very day. This gives you essential insights into how engaging your content is and what video type you should make more or less of.

Content insights

There, you can track your video performance. You will get insight into which content is the most popular.  Beware that in the “Video Views” section, data for the freshly posted content only can be viewed – over the last seven days. You can see metrics for videos posted more than seven days ago in the “Trending Videos” section.

To see the details such as the number of shares, average time spent watching the video, its traffic source type, and more, you may click each video in either the “Video Views” or “Trending Videos”.

Followers insights

In this part, you will know more about your followers’ demographics and gender. You can see how many followers you gained over the past week. To see your followers’ gender distribution, you should visit the “Gender” section. You’ll also see a “Top territories” list which displays the top five countries from which people view your content.

Another section of the “Followers” tab is the “Follower Activity.” You can track your followers’ activity by the hour and by day with its help. These metrics are essential in helping you time your future content so it gets the most engagement.

To receive access to the “Followers” section, you should have at least 100 followers.



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