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GamingHow to connect Nintendo Switch Lite to TV explained

How to connect Nintendo Switch Lite to TV explained

Nintendo has provided a very handy mobile console for their users – the Nintendo Switch. It is a handheld console, around the size of a tablet, that comes with a dock for using it as a home console. Connecting it to a TV is no problem. Although there is a more budget-friendly version of this model.

Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper version of Nintendo Switch, that, however, lacks a dock and the specific hardware for connecting to a TV. On the other hand, there is a way to connect switch lite to TV. In this article, you will find out how to connect a Switch Lite to a TV.

How to connect Nintendo Switch Lite to TV

Since you have already encountered such a question, you have to know that the Nintendo Switch Lite can not be docked in an official way. But it can be projected to the TV.

To understand the reason for this inconvenience, it is worth looking at the model carefully. Firstly, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t fit in the traditional Nintendo Dock. To even get a dock for its size, you will have to buy from a 3-rd party vendor. The second thing is that Nintendo Switch lite cannot be docked is that it doesn’t even have the hardware for it.

But even if you find the doc, it still cannot transmit the audio and video data with HDMI as Switch Lite even lacks the hardware that routes the USB 3.2, DisplayPort, and audio output through the USB-C port. Moreover, The Nintendo Switch USB-C port only supports USB 3,2 and power delivery, it lacks the bi-directional matrix switch, which routes the USB 3.2, DisplayPort, and audio output. And that is why finding an eligible dock for Nintendo Switcдаh lite is useless as it won’t work out.

But if there is no solution to connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV, then there is a solution to project the image on the TV screen.

Simply put, the principle is that a device will record the screen of the Switch lite and mirror it to the TV in real-time. The recording device can be your phone or any other good-quality recorder. Now, two questions arise from this, latency and quality.

What is latency and how to avoid it

The most unpleasant thing can be latency, and to minimize it you should connect the recorder to the TV directly, and not use the wireless method. In this way, you can avoid a strong latency.

The pleasant quality of the stream depends on your recording device. Most latest generation phones can shoot videos in 4K. Also, the bright screen of the Switch lite makes the recording look quite good.

To set this up, you will have to fix the recording device and Nintendo Switch light, without moving. You are able to do so with a tripod or a gimble. In this case, you should be able to connect your controller to the Nintendo Switch light to play the game.

And that is all on how to connect your Switch Lite to TV and enjoy your gaming experience.



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