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GuidesHow to connect an antenna to your Samsung TV

How to connect an antenna to your Samsung TV

If you want free TV shows, movies, sports, and news, there’s still nothing better than an antenna connection. And even better, your TV is equipped with a tuner that can scan and automatically program local channels that will appear on your channel list.

In addition, the antenna will help your TV find even more channels and improve signal quality. You can tune your antenna during the initial TV setup or tune in the over-the-air channels at any other time.

There are dozens of models of Samsung TVs. The instructions below are for the most popular models, but may not work for all.

How to connect the antenna to your Samsung TV

You can run a regular RG6 cable directly from the antenna to the TV (if the antenna input is a regular coaxial connection). If it’s an old-style screw terminal, you will need a small adapter to make it fit. To connect your antenna, these tips will help you:

  1. First you need to find the “Antenna In” socket on the back of the digital tuner box and connect your antenna coaxial cable there
  2. Using a second coaxial cable, connect the “Out to TV” output on the digital tuner box to the “Antenna In” on the back of the TV
  3. Set the TV to channel 3 or 4 as indicated on the back of the digital tuner unit

How to tune OTA channels on TVs through the antenna

  1. Go to the main menu and navigate to the “Source” icon on the far left
  2. In the secondary menu, select your TV as your source
  3. If the antenna isn’t connected,, you will see a “No Signal” screen
  4. Connect the antenna to the RF connector on the back of the TV and select “Channel Scan”
  5. Select the signal source (air, cable, or both). If you are using an antenna, select “Air” to search for over-the-air channels
  6. Then you start scanning, the TV will cycle through all possible channels and automatically determine which ones are transmitting and which ones aren’t
  7. Then the scanning process is complete, you can close it and start switching between channels.

Once you’ve added your local channels, you can view all of your live TV shows directly from the home screen by selecting the Live tile in the ribbon menu.

You’ll also be able to open a current programming guide, a channel list that lets you edit channels as you see fit, and a schedule manager for watching upcoming shows.

How to get more channels with Samsung TV Plus

If you miss the channels that come with cable or antenna – you can get free TV using Samsung TV Plus! This service is free for all new smart TVs and streams Samsung channels over the Internet directly to your TV.

To access this feature, you just need to press the “Home” button on the remote and then select Samsung TV Plus. You can learn more about the service by viewing our full Samsung TV Plus manual.

How to combine multiple TV antennas

Because some digital channels use different frequencies (UHF and VHF), you must use different antennas. Combining several antennas can also be useful for boosting “gain”, capturing weak TV signals, and reducing or eliminating digital signal interference. It doesn’t take much knowledge to combine an antenna and how to do it you can find here:

  1. You need to combine two antennas using a coaxial splitter (with one coaxial output for the antenna on one side and two ports on the other side)
  2. Next you need to combine the outdoor VHF antenna with the UHF antenna (for more information see this website)
  3. Connect the two antennas to the splitter and insert a single port on the splitter to the “antenna” port on your Samsung TV or digital converter box
  4. After that, the process of connecting a split antenna is exactly the same as a regular antenna

So you can connect two antennas to your Samsung TV to improve signal quality and increase the number of channels for viewing.



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