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ConferencingHow to change your Zoom background

How to change your Zoom background

Zoom is a great program for calling and communicating not only with friends but also for work when you need to gather quite a few people. In any case, whatever your goal, Zoom offers its users a wide range of tools to customize their appearance, including the background.

Changing the background is now sometimes a very useful feature because there are times when you need to hide the background behind you if you get a completely spontaneous call. Or you just want to get some fun and just dilute the atmosphere in the chat room. This article will help you and show you a detailed guide on how to configure Zoom to suit you.

How to change a virtual background before meeting on Zoom

So, do you want to hide the background behind you because you were called to a rally all of a sudden? Or do you just want to appear immediately with a funny cat behind you, then you should read this guide:

  • Open the Zoom desktop app and sign in. If you don’t already have the desktop app, you can download it from Zoom here.
  • Then click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the window
  • Next, select Background & Filters. You can find this in the left sidebar
  • In the end, select a virtual background from one of Zoom’s default images or click the plus sign to upload your own

Also, you can not only apply different images to the background but also simply blur your real background. But remember that objects that may be close to the camera, or some objects in your hands can also be blurred.

And to put a specific image (not the one offered by Zoom), follow the guide:

  • Click the plus sign on the right side of the Zoom window
  • Then choose Add Image and select an image from your files

After you have added a picture to Zoom, select the option that will take the picture to your background. You can upload multiple pictures and they will be saved in your profile.

If you have strong interference with the picture, and the real background is bleeding, then try to disable the feature called I have a green screen.

This function means that you have a wall or piece of furniture behind you that is solid green or some other color. If you do not have a green one (which is recommended), you can choose your own color in the box that is located in the same window above the tab Mirror my video.

As soon as you apply the desired color, just click on your background and the program will recognize the color and the background will be what you want it to be.

In this case, try not to wear clothes that have a similar color, otherwise, the program will recognize it as part of the background.

How to change a virtual background during a meeting on Zoom

When you are already in the meeting in Zoom, then you will not have difficulty changing the background during the process. Simply tap the upward-facing arrow icon next to the camera icon at the bottom-left corner of your window. After that click on Choose Virtual Background and select the background you prefer to use.

How to add video filters and studio effects on Zoom

And if you are bored with the pictures in the background and you want something extra, you can always play with filters and effects. You can change colors, add masks and various interactive objects, and you can even make your own makeup or attach a beard. Another fun thing, in addition to changing the background, is the ability to add frames. Simply go to Settings, and then find the Background and Filters tab in the list.

So you can now personalize your workspace or just have fun with friends during a call. This is a very nice thing to do from Zoom, which breaks out of routine and gives you a chance to get creative.



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