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How to block buyers on eBay

Probably almost everyone has sold something in their life. Whether it’s at a fair or on a website, you’ll always run into different people. eBay is considered one of the most popular websites for selling your items or buying different kinds of goods from others. This site is user-friendly and offers many features to make doing business convenient.

However, the latter can often be threatened when you run into scammers or nasty customers. Buyers sometimes order items they have no intention of paying for, pretend goods haven’t arrived, or try to fool you into parting with cash. After such cases, you can lose money and goods and your mood can also be spoiled.

However, the good news is that eBay gives its users the ability to block buyers. That way you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves. The website allows up to 5,000 users to be added to the block list. Once you have blocked a particular person, they will no longer be able to buy your products, interact with them in any way or bid on your items.

If you need to block a particular user or a few scammers you’ve heard of, here’s how to do it right, as well as how to look at how you can manage potential buyers. In fact, you don’t get a 100% guarantee that these methods will protect you from all scammers, but the extra protection would still be useful.

How to block buyers on eBay

Here’s a little guide on how to protect yourself from a bad buyer or scammer:

  • Go to eBay’s website and login, then click Help & Contact.
  • Next, type “block buyer” in the search bar and click the Block a buyer button which appears.
  • You’ll now see the Block Buyers List screen. Enter the username or email address of the eBay member you want to block in the text-entry box.
  • In case there is a reason to add more members to the list, type a comma then enter the username or email address of the eBay member. Or, click Submit when you’re done.

However, there are times when there is no reason to block a particular person, but you think about filtering potential buyers to avoid all sorts of trouble or inconvenient nuances. Below you will read a guide on how to filter and manage potential buyers on eBay.

How to determine and manage potential buyers on eBay

While eBay allows you to block specific buyers, it isn’t always possible to know the intentions of future buyers. However, the site has also taken care of this issue and allows you to put filters on future buyers based on their history with the website. To do this, you need to access the Buyer Management page and enter your credentials.

Next, you can read what filters there are and what they’re for:

  • The most important thing would probably want to limit yourself from people who often cancel orders. In the line “Block buyers who caused” click the arrow next to the first number and choose an acceptable number of cancellations (either 2, 3, 4 or 5). After that, click the arrow beside the next number and select an acceptable time period ( six or 12 months).
  • Then, you also have the right not to not make shipping to certain parts of the world. To prevent people from those regions from ordering from you, tick the box next to Block buyers whose primary shipping address is in a location I don’t post to. Next, visit the Exclude shipping locations page and choose the locations you want to exclude.
  • There are also buyers who buy up several items at a time, and you can also limit such possibilities for the following buyers. Simply tick the box next to Block buyers who are currently wining or have bought. It’s up to you how many items are acceptable over a 10-day period: just click the arrow and choose a number.
  • You can apply such restrictions not even to all potential buyers, but only to those who have a low feedback score. Tick the box next to Only set this requirement to block buyers with a feedback score and choose a score that is acceptable to you.
  • While you’re on this page, you can also prevent blocked buyers from contacting you. Just toggle the button next to the option.
  • To require buyers to have a payment method logged with eBay before they make an offer. To do this, check the box by this option.
  • Click Submit.

And that is all on how to have control over your business on eBay, manage users, and don’t be scammed by fraudsters.



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