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GuidesHow to change Uber driver profile picture

How to change Uber driver profile picture

Companies around the world are looking for strategies that will make it easier for customers to solve various problems as they arise. They are using technology tools to reach more people and creating platforms for better communication between them. In this way, companies understand exactly what users need, what product or service they prefer more.

Different ways of communication are constantly evolving. With them, even the way to order a cab is no longer traditional but becomes easier for the customer to use apps on your phone.

The online service Uber provides access to a personal account for both ordinary users and drivers. If you want to order a cab, you can do it in just one touch using your personal account. If you want to find a good job with a free schedule, then register as a driver and take orders directly in the app. You should know that you can set up your profile as a driver. In particular, you can change your profile picture. So, here is how to change your Uber driver profile picture.

Who is Uber users and how does the service work

Uber’s personal account is designed both for drivers and passengers. With the help of this service, drivers can provide themselves with a full-time job and receive a decent payment for their work. All orders are managed directly through the personal cabinet. The driver will always receive comprehensive support from Uber. Starting from setting up an account or adjusting the cost, and ending with any other issues that may arise during the work.

For users, this service is not only an opportunity to quickly order a car for all occasions. Directly from your account, you can find out the cost of the trip in advance, see the driver’s photo and information about the car, track the movement of the car on the map. Also, you do not need to have cash with you. The cost of the trip will be automatically deducted from the account of your card registered in the system.

How to change Uber driver profile picture

To reduce security risks, a profile picture can only be uploaded once. If your appearance has changed since the original photo was created, you can contact Technical Support and request to change your profile photo. At the same time, you will need to specify the reason and explain everything correctly. As soon as your request is processed, you will receive an answer from technical support. Usually, the answer comes within two hours. After that, you will be able to change your profile photo in your Uber driver account.

How to take a good driver profile picture on Uber

If you want to take a good driver profile picture on Uber, you have to follow these requirements:

  • No hats or sunglasses (eyeglasses and religious garments are accepted).
  • Good lighting.
  • Full face and top of shoulders.
  • Not blurry.
  • Only one person in the picture.
  • Face is centered in the frame.

How to register as a driver on Uber

If you want to register as a driver by getting on the site, simply click on the “Become a Driver” button. Then, fill out the proposed form and click “Submit”. You will get access to the service immediately, but you will be able to start working only after sending some documents and approval of your candidacy.

And you can also register from the Uber application itself. To do this you will need to enter into the store of your operating system, find the app and install it on your device. Registration is done in the same way as through the site.



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