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AmazonHow to change the language on Amazon in a few steps

How to change the language on Amazon in a few steps

Amazon is famous for its huge customer base, which is worldwide, and therefore it isn’t surprising that the service supports several languages. For more convenient use, Amazon keeps track of your region and gives you a specific version of the website, which already has its own language limitations.

For example, if you’re in the U.S., you have only English and Spanish to choose from. If you’re in India, you have Hindi as the default and other local language options. So you can conveniently browse the site and use it to its full capacity. In this article, you will find answers on how to change the language of the site if you suddenly find yourself outside of your home place or purely out of curiosity.

How to change language on Amazon

In order to change the language on Amazon, you first need to open the site itself through a web browser. You can also use the site of a specific region.

Next, you have to log in to your account. To do this you will be asked to enter your data and when you’re on the home page, at the top right ( near the search bar) you will find an icon with the flag of the region, that the website recognizes.

Then, under the ‘Change Language’ and ‘Currency Settings’ pages, select the ‘Language Settings’ section, and it will display all of the available languages. In case if you want a language to be the default one, choose that on the list.

Once you have finished, you can save your changes by clicking the Save Changes option at the bottom of the page. Amazon will use the language you chose, and you’re done.

How to change the language on the Amazon app

Even if you use the app, you can still change the language of Amazon in order to have a fully comfortable experience with the latter.

All you need to do is open the app and click on the three lines at the bottom. In the menu that opens, select “Settings,” and then, in the menu that appear, select “Country and Language”. You will see Amazon sites relevant for different regions and available languages. Simply click on the site and the language you prefer.

The app will update to show the language you’ve selected, according to Amazon.com.

How to switch language on Amazon Prime Video

If you don’t like the language the site offers, or if you want to improve your knowledge of another language, you can change it quite easily. In the tutorial below I will tell you how to change the language on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Go to Amazon’s website via your web browser
  • Hover over Account & Lists
  • Click Your Prime Video
  • Click the gear icon
  • Choose Settings
  • Click Language and select the one you prefer
  • Confirm changes by Clicking Save

How to change language on Amazon Prime Video on the app

If you want to change the Amazon Prime Video language on an app, the process is pretty similar and it doesn’t even matter which app you use. Here’s how to do so via the iOS app with a process similar to other apps:

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video app
  • Tap My Stuff
  • Tap the gear icon
  • Tap Language
  • Choose the language you want to use
  • Tap yes to refresh the app
  • The app and any videos you watch are now in that language

And that is how you can manage the language of your Amazon interface and enjoy your browsing experience. A few simple steps and the language you wish to see is in your sight.



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