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GuidesHow to change the input source on Samsung TV without a remote?

How to change the input source on Samsung TV without a remote?

Modern TVs are smart devices with operating systems, many functions, and convenient features that will make it easy for you to use them. One of the highest quality and most popular modern TVs is Samsung TVs. These devices have earned a good name for the quality of their assembly, picture, and fast operating system. However, what to do if you lose the remote control or it runs out of power at the most inconvenient moment? How, then, can you switch the source on your Samsung TV?

If you connect third-party devices to your Samsung TV, it should automatically change the signal source. You can take advantage of this trick. Also, even though all TVs have remote controls, you can always find buttons on the body to control all the necessary functions of your Samsung TV. Just a little tip hack is the use of unique applications for your smartphone which will allow you to connect to your Samsung TV and control it directly from your smartphone or tablet. Let’s take a closer look at all these features and discuss what you’ll need to do.

How to change the input source on Samsung TV using buttons on TV

Even though your Samsung TV probably has many valuable streaming services and apps installed, you may still need to change the signal source to HDMI or antenna. This is usually needed if you connect cable TV or third-party devices such as a game console or set-top box. However, if you lose your remote, the most prominent and easiest way to switch to another source is with the regular buttons on the TV. No matter how smart your Samsung TV is, it must still have buttons to operate when you lose access to a special remote. Let’s understand what the buttons may be and where you should look for them.

Usually, on Samsung TV, control buttons are located in one of three places: on the back of the TV, on the bottom left corner, in the bottom center of the screen, or on the bottom right side of the Samsung TV. Pay attention that a special Control Stick can be located in addition to the buttons on your Samsung TV, similar to the joystick on the gamepad. In this case, to control the TV, you need to bend it in different directions.

You either find the Input button and press it to switch to another source (press it until you switch to the desired one). Or you can go through different combinations until you enter the menu and can switch to the desired source there. This is done differently on different Samsung TV models. In addition, you can try scrolling through the channels, and before Channel 1, there are usually different signal sources. This is true for older Samsung TVs.

How to change the input source on Samsung TV using your smartphone

If you do not want to get up from your couch or Samsung TV is built into the wall, and you can not access its buttons, you can also use a special mobile app to control your Samsung TV. However, this only works if your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same network as the Samsung TV.

It is best to use the SmartThings App to control your Samsung TV. However, please note that your TV must be previously connected to this app. With it, you can fully control your Samsung TV and other smart devices from Samsung. Note that this app is usually installed by default on Samsung devices.

You can also use other third-party applications. You need to search your Samsung TV app store to find the right app for you. In App Store, there are a lot of such applications. The only condition is to connect the phone to the same Wi-Fi network as Samsung TV. Also, some Android smartphones have an IR sensor function. It will allow you to control different devices using a special sensor on your smartphone. Just find the desired device or wave in the list.

How to change the input source on Samsung TV in other ways

Another small trick you can use to switch to the desired source in Samsung TV without a remote control is reconnecting the desired device. The thing is that if you disconnect your device from Samsung TV and then plug it back in, then your Samsung TV will automatically detect it and switch the source to this signal.

I recommend you getting universal remotes if you lose the remote from your TV or another device. This will help you with the Samsung TV and any other equipment you control with remote control.

The last option is to contact Samsung to replace your remote and purchase a new one. Of course, this is the most expensive way, and you likely have to go to a Samsung store or wait for delivery, but in this case, you will get the full functionality of your remote, and you will not have to worry about how to control your Samsung TV.



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