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AndroidHow to change text size on Android

How to change text size on Android

Android allows owners of their smartphones and tablets to customize the appearance and functionality to fit their needs and lifestyles. Not just interface themes, but the ability to customize text size and zoom in and out as you please.

Quite often there are situations when you go to a website in the browser, but it has such a poor web design and interface, then you have to either reduce/increase the text or do something with the scaling. This article will discuss how to resize text and adjust the scale for comfortable use.

Is there basic ways to change text size and make it readable

The first thing you should try is to increase display size, which is in the Settings app under both Display and Accessibility. Once you have changed this setting, it will make some visual elements larger, including icons, and it pairs nicely with changing Android’s font size.

Another thing to experiment with is turning on the dark theme. You can find the dark theme in the Settings app under Display and Accessibility. Some Android users find dark mode easier to read, while others report it’s less tiring to view for long periods.

Moreover, try to turn on High contrast text, which is under Accessibility. High contrast text will visually separate fonts so it appears darker or brighter against its background. However you should be aware that this is currently an experimental feature, so it may not work in all situations properly or be compatible with other apps.

How to change the font size on text messages on Android

To make the text bigger and be able to read the information from a poorly designed site, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Display
  • Choose Advanced, which should be the last option in the Display section
  • Once you’re there, an expanded list of options will appear. Tap Font Size
  • You will face a new screen that will appear to show you a preview of the font size currently selected. The default is the second to the left of its four available options. Use the slider at the bottom of this screen to make Android’s text size larger or, if desired, smaller. You will see the result as soon as you move the slider
  • Choose the Back button or return to the Home screen

How to change the size of text with magnification

Android’s system-wide magnification tool complements system-wide font size setting is complemented by a.

In fact, this feature doesn’t increase the font size on your Android device, however, it has a similar effect in practice. The magnification can be helpful when the default font options don’t meet your preferences or aren’t working. Here’s how to manage it:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Then choose Magnification
  • A screen will appear with a slider that controls the Magnification feature. Tap it to turn the feature on

After you have enabled it, you still can access Magnification by tapping the Accessibility shortcut, an icon of a person, on the Android Navigation Bar.

And this is pretty much all on how to change the text size on Android devices. Hopefully, this article will help you to make your reading process and page scrolling much more pleasant.



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